Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Replace Yourself!

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"You need to replace yourself ... use your influence to anoint her the new It Girl. Retain control while staying out of the spotlight yourself." - Blair, on Serena crafting the new It Girl of the Upper East Side

On tonight's all-new Gossip Girl, Serena cagily mentions to her BFF that she hasn't been mentioned in awhile on the show's eponymous blog, and ponders how to remain out of the spotlight for good.

S, of course, is attempting subterfuge - who knew she had it in her? - and trying to divert attention from the fact that she is Gossip Girl and will no longer be covering herself. Enter B's big idea.

In "It Girl, Interrupted," S attempts to build Lola into the new buzzed-about NYC socialite. If it works, she can thank B, who also tells a hilarious story about S becoming an impromptu soft porn star on an aircraft carrier.

Check it out below:

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