Supernatural Round Table: "Party On, Garth"

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Supernatural partied last Friday night DJ Qualls, as Garth made his second appearance as a very different kind of hunter on "Party On, Garth."

In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff writers Carissa Pavlica, Carla Day and Sean McKenna are here to tackle topics from the episode that include drinking, ghosts and more...

The Return of Garth. Love it or hate it?
Carissa: He's always been a fun guy to watch. Plus anyone who can drink one beer and get drunk enough to get Dean to utter the words "Party on Garth" gets my vote!

Carla: I'm generally a fan of having characters come back and it works well for Supernatural. While Garth wasn't a favorite of mine, it was nice for the boys to be with someone they knew.

Sean: Like I said in my review I was huge fan of Garth coming back. He’s just such a different character but manages to work relatively well with the brothers in that fun quirky way. Party on, Garth!

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

Was the idea that only getting drunk to see ghosts too far fetched for the show?
Carissa: Honestly, I really didn't understand the ghost part of the show at all. However, nothing on Supernatural is far fetched, and I loved that she was in the image of a Japanese ghostie. They're the best!

Carla: For this show, that's nothing. It was odd, but I had no problem believing it.

Sean: It was certainly a different route the show hasn’t tried before and I like that Supernatural is willing to take those leaps even if they end up being crazy. It worked for me.

Are you glad Bobby really is a ghost?
Carissa: Yes! I'm sad that he hasn't crossed over, but I never wanted him to leave in the first place and knew he was responsible for all the things Dean mentioned happening from the moment they started. I is smart.

Carla: 'm not sure. My first reaction was that it wasn't a surprise, but I don't think Bobby would want to be a ghost. I'm holding judgment until I see how this all plays out. Right now, I not really glad or not glad.

Sean: I’m kind of in the middle on this because while I like seeing Jim Beaver as Bobby again, I just don’t want the show to drag his character around hoping Sam and Dean will see him because he can’t bear to leave them. I just hope that his sticking around will have a greater importance that we have yet to realize.

Why can't Sam or Dean see him?
Carissa: Maybe they're too close to him to see him. It has to be something with their deep relationship that is keeping them from understanding and searching for what is so obvious. Sam talked Dean out of it, for goodness sakes! They were sooo close and to see the look on Bobby's face when he went unseen was too sad.

Carla: Good question....

Sean: Honestly, no idea. Now why can we see him? Hmm…

Bobby and Castiel have both died and "come back" in some form. Do you think they will play a big role in leading up to the finale or just a reminder of their past?
Carissa: I think Bobby will be more involved with the finale than Cas. Thick headed Carissa is still pondering Meg's choice to watch over Cas in the mental hospital. What's up with that?

Carla: I think they must. There has to be a reason why Meg is back and watching over Castiel. Also, Bobby must have stuck around as a ghost for a reason. I have no idea why, but it only makes sense that it is all building up to something.

Sean: I do think that there is a certain plan in store in respect to both characters, especially being fan favorites. And like Carissa and Carla said, with Meg back that reason for bringing everything together has got to be huge. I hope.

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