Desperate Housewives Top 10 Moments: A Walk Down Wisteria Lane

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Well, Desperate Housewives fans, our Sundays are about to be a bit bleak, aren't they? And certainly A LOT less scandal-filled.

Before we take one last stroll down Wisteria Lane in a few hours, however, TV Fanatic is counting down the Top 10 Most Memorable Moments in Desperate Housewives history. Read on, see if you agree, leave a comment with your own and return later tonight to read my review of the series finale...


10. There’s Something About Mary Alice
It was the first ever episode of Desperate Housewives and the series began with a bang – literally – when Mary Alice calmly put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger. All she left behind was a cryptic note explaining her death. As the narrator beyond the grave, she has always been the most mysterious housewife.

9. Gaby and Gardening
For the most part, Gaby has been known as the most high-maintenance and spoiled housewife. In Season 1, we laughed when we saw Gaby, in a long dress and even stilettos, sneak out of a cocktail party to mow the lawn. In an attempt to hide the fact that her teenage gardener was a bit too busy (with her) to do his job, it was then we learned Gaby would go to the extremes to keep her secrets hidden.

8. Susan Naked
Ask any Desperate Housewives fan his/her favorite Susan scene, and I’ll bet they’ll choose one of the funniest scenes ever in Season 1 when Susan locked herself out... naked. Hardly anything ever went right for the clumsy and unlucky Susan. The writers have always made it easy to root for her throughout the years.

7. Bree Abandons Andrew
Newly husband-less, an imposing mother in-law, alcoholism and even a new psychotic boyfriend were all things that Bree could deal with during Season 2. However, a spiteful and disrespectful son? Andrew was just the last straw. This was the moment when we first saw Bree differently as a worn-down, exhausted mother who dropped her son off at a service station and left him there to fend for himself. It was clear that she was far from perfect.

6. Felicia the Fake
There’s crazy, and then there’s cuh-RAZY! Who could honestly forget Felicia Tilman? Toward the end of season 2, it was revealed that she cut off two of her own fingers and framed Paul Young for her murder. Talk about dedication.

5. Edie dies
Edie, who was first seen as Susan’s arch nemesis, was unexpectedly killed from an electric shock in a car accident in Season 5. There was honestly no one who came close to ever being the Edie we knew as the man-stealing, blackmailing and self-sabotaging girl we loved to hate. I have missed her standoff personality and cruel one-liners as well.

4. Tornado
It was easy to forget about the scandals and drama in Season 4 when a colossal tornado struck Wisteria Lane, leaving lives and even homes in shambles.

3. Bang
Remember when Nora, Lynette, Julie, Austin and several others were trapped in a convenience store in Season 3 with a crazy cold-hearted scorned woman? The moment that we’ll never forget is when Nora was shot as she laid in a pool of blood with Lynette desperately trying to keep her alive. Her last spoken words were to ask Lynette to watch her daughter when she was gone.

2. Lynette and Tom Separate
Season 8 was a chance for Marc Cherry to change everything we once knew when Lynette and Tom struggled like never before during their separation. Even though they have always had their ups and downs, working through careers, and raising a handful of children, we saw Lynette at her worst when she spent much of the beginning of this season dealing with her newly single life and realizing Tom was not by her side.

1. Mike Dies     
Thanks to the lawsuit Nicollette Sheridan launched against Marc Cherry, Mike Delfino’s death was the worst-kept secret in Desperate Housewives history. However, his death still came as a shock as fans had rooted for both him and Susan and expected for them to get their happily ever after. We shed more tears than ever when we had to say goodbye to Mike as we watched Wisteria Lane’s hottest plumber bite the bullet in Season 8.

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