Fringe Round Table: "Brave New World, Part 1"

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"Brave New World, Part 1" seems to imply that the Fringe world is in for yet another gigantic change as it heads to the end of the season.

Enjoy the opinions of Sean McKenna, Nick Shere and Carissa Pavlica below, as this Round Table trio shares its thoughts on the first of a season finale that really does promise to change everything...


What was your favorite moment or quote from the episode?
Sean: Had to be the reveal of William Bell. I love when the show brings back stuff from past seasons and Bell certainly takes the cake. So cool to see that he's pulling the strings.

Nick S: Astrid finally got to kick a little ass. Not enough, though. Grr.

Carissa: I loved Olivia learning she had more powers. Just taking over Peter's body like that was seriously awesome.

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Were you surprised to see William Bell?
Sean: A little, but I had a feeling he was going to come back especially after we saw him in 2036.

Nick S: No, they had telegraphed that pretty thoroughly.

Carissa: Yes. When they first showed him, I didn't expect him to turn around. I really didn't. Damn Pinkner and Wyman for fooling me!

What do you think of Bell's game of chess, and sacrificing his bishop?
Sean: Bell is a master strategist and certainly sacrificing Jones is going to help his plan. I'm just curious as to what's made him turn to the dark side.

Nick S: Honestly, I think it's possible we've had enough chess metaphors on TV at this point. I think Walter and Belly should play go instead.

Carissa: To see David Robert Jones as putty in Bell's hands was entirely new to me. I thought he would think of himself as more of an equal. I couldn't have been more wrong and I enjoyed watching him turn to dust.

What else might we see Olivia do with her new superpowers?
Sean: Fly. I mean... right?

Nick S: I think it would be pretty awesome if she could fly. The show is relatively conservative about putting flashier powers onscreen on a regular basis, though, so it's probably more likely that we'll see more mental stuff, or perhaps telekinesis?

Carissa: Geez, she can start fires, stop technology, control humans, most likely regenerate and... maybe fly! I fly all the time in my dreams, who wouldn't want to fly?

If 2036 is any indication, there's no need to worry about Astrid. Or is there?
Sean: I'm still not sure if 2036 is the future or a possible future. I'd like not to worry about Astrid, but at the same time it could be the catalyst for something bigger.

Nick S: It would be really weird for them to show us Astrid in 2036 and then almost immediately kill her off. The show has done far weirder things in terms of altering timelines, etc., but it would be narratively very confusing for viewers, which makes me think that's not what's happening.

Carissa: Since the impossible is always possible on Fringe, I'll worry until the end.

Got a prediction for the big finale?
Sean: I'm thinking something more to do with time and the Observers. It's going to be some type of final showdown, but I'm still curious as to Bell's ultimate end game.

Nick S: Well, the big question is whether we're going to see what Bell did that made Walter so angry in 2036. And whether it just kills her or if it's something worse...

Carissa: I have a feeling Walter is going to try to shoot Belly and Bell, being the gentleman that he is, will pull Olivia in front of him as human shield. Maybe her extra superpower is she can stop bullets with her mind? That seems easier than nanites.

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