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Prepare to be blown away by events on the season four finale of Fringe.

Belly shows Walter his plans for his universe full of creatures he has created.

Jessica calls Olivia and says she has been followed.

September is caught in Jessica's house with some sort of science.

Astrid is found alive, has surgery and is in stable condition.

We finally learn how September was shot.

Olivia's superpowers continue to grow.

Olivia kills Jessica with her own bullets.

September admits he didn't have the conversation at the opera house with Olivia yet.

Nina comes to read Jessica's memory after her death.

Olivia was activated to power the universe collapse.

Peter can see Bell's ship, and Olivia can cross universes, so they try to save the day.

Knowing Olivia is the way to collapse the universes, Walter kills her.

Bell escapes.

Walter saved Olivia through cortexiphan regeneration.

Broyles was promoted to General.

Nina was hired as the head of the Fringe Science Division which the government fully funded.

Walter believes Olivia may be normal now.

Olivia is pregnant.

September returns to tell Walter they have to warn the others are coming.



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Fringe Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

At least now we know how you got shot. I've seen you shot before, like this. You came to me, at the opera house. You said in every version of the future, I would have to die.


The bible tells us God created his universe in seven days. It has taken me considerably longer.

William Bell