Gossip Girl Round Table: "Raiders of the Lost Art"

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Welcome to our weekly Gossip Girl Round Table discussion! Below, our panelists are here to break down Monday's episode (see our official Gossip Girl review from last night) in even greater detail.

In a Q&A session below, TVF President Eric Hochberger (Gossip Guy), editor Steve Marsi (Mister Meester) and staff writers Courtney Morrison, Christina Tran and Leigh Raines talk "Raiders of the Lost Art."

Weigh in with your take on the following topics after reading ours!


1. Was this best episode of the season?

Christina: Yes! There was finally a decent Gossip Girl episode and my favorite NBA team won last night. It was a good Monday. So rare.

Leigh: Absolutely, no question. Whoever wrote it should step up as next season's show-runner if Josh and Stephanie don't take over. It had everything. It was funny, emotional, witty, touching, shocking, had twists, backstabbing, one liners, and most of all the NJBC!

Courtney: I’m agreeing with everyone else and answering yes! It felt like old GG, just when we needed it most.

Eric: Just due to its Bart Bass reveal alone? Yes. Add in the fact we're finally putting an end to the GG impostors and you've got yourself a turning point.

Steve: The big reveal lived up to the hype, there were some genuinely hilarious lines and the whole thing had me dying to see what happened next ... all sadly a rarity these days. So, yeah.

2. What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Christina: Favorite scene? The Scheme Team back together again. Favorite quote? Jack (to Chuck): Why do you have to be so melodramatic about everything? Hello, this is Chuck Bass and after all this is Gossip Girl!

Leigh: I can't remember the exact line but Dan referring to the OG Blair Waldorf was pretty funny. This episode was full of awesome moments but I need humor, because unlike Christina my favorite NBA team choked miserably last night.

Courtney: Blair’s reaction to what she saw in the room at the brothel. You knew it had to be something great. PS. Girlfriend rocked that blue dress!

Eric: Dan accidentally quoting Ray J. First for him knowing Ray J and second for Blair not.

Steve: There were almost too much to choose from, but something about Blair ratting off frequently-used Diana Payne words in her British accent ("Spectatah!") or Chuck yelling "Waldorf, we need you!" from the other room just cracked me up. The gang sitting around plotting made it feel like old times.

3. So Bart Bass lives. Were you surprised? What will the fallout be?

Christina: It was a shocker, but not like mind-blowing or anything for me. As for the fallout, I am just hoping this season ends with more answers than questions. I also hope Diana goes away forever.

Leigh: We all knew he was on set, but I truly thought it would be a flashback. So he's alive?? Well aside from the psychological damage to Chuck, who let's face it despite my adoration of his character is already pretty damaged, there's the fact that he's still legally married to Lily VDW. This is going to affect a lot of people, businesses, and finances.

Courtney: I was surprised. I knew he was going to pop up at some point before the finale, but I figured it was in a dream sequence. Totally caught me off guard. I honestly thought it might have been Elizabeth in there. The fallout is going to be huge. What is he doing with Diana and Jack? How and where is he living since Chuck has all of his money? Does this affect Lily’s marriage to Rufus since they never divorced?

Eric: It was weird, we've suggested it in past round tables and my gut always said the show will never do it. So yes, I was shocked that Gossip Girl went all daytime on us last night. Fallout? I assume brothels everywhere with cower in fear now that they know one of the largest business moguls is running one full time. Talk about a cushy retirement. I think I know what I'm doing after I fake my death.  And it's not touring in hologram form.

Steve: I guessed this correctly once I saw Blair's reaction after opening the door, but definitely did not see it coming for the preceding 21.75 episodes. No clue how an already damaged Chuck will react to this, but next week's Gossip Girl promos hint that perhaps Bart needs Chuck's help, or at least makes peace with him despite this devastating reveal.

Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass Pic

4. Who was the Scheme Team MVP last night?

Christina: B, of course! P.S. I really need a cipher slide. I just checked Amazon and couldn't find it on there. Does anyone know where else I should look?

Leigh: Even though I nominated her for worst character on television for our TVF poll, I've got to tip my hat to Blair. Who has a code cracker? Seriously? Also she rocked that Herve Leger dress. Amen.

Courtney: Blair of course. She looked hot, she was on her game, she was witty and smart. And of course, she had her handy tool to figure out codes....

Eric: I know the obvious choice would be B with her code cracking, but I have to give it up to Dorota. She went so deep undercover I swear she could be moonlighting at The Rub at night.

Steve: I have to go with Nate. Not only was he a good friend, but actually one step ahead of someone when it came to plotting! Granted, that someone was Serena, but still.

5. Has Blair finally gotten her mojo back?

Christina: Definitely! Blair was finally fun to watch again. Writers, please don’t revert back to the boring and lame B you’ve shown all season long. 

Leigh: Here's hoping. OGBW.

Courtney: For the most part. I’m guessing the Queen Bee will be back in full force by the finale.

Eric: Yes and just in time. I love me some Dair, but as much as the couple claimed to have their own identifies and independence, the B we fell in love with was all but gone until last night. Now if the two could find a way to co-exist.

Steve: It'd be tough to argue convincingly that she didn't rediscover a missing, or at least repressed part of herself during the covert op. It's not that she hasn't been herself with Dan, but their relationship seems to exist separately from the world the Blair of old once ruled. What will be interesting to see is whether the two worlds can be meshed seamlessly.

6. Are you glad the real Gossip Girl is back? What will Serena do next, having been ousted?

Christina: Like Nate so wisely said (Nate… wise? Who’d-a-thought?!), the Serena he once knew is long gone. So, I’d gladly like to WB the real GG! As for S, I hope she gets her mojo back like B.

Leigh: Yes. Hopefully she will start smiling for starters. Maybe do something to cheer herself up? I don't know, that girl needs some fun in her life.

Courtney: Definitely. The switching off from girl to girl was getting redundant. Serena needs to get back to her it girl ways and have some fun.

Eric: YES! G was at least somewhat entertaining in her 2.0 role with her ridiculous over-the-topness. S? Was just terrible in her ignorance and felt out of character as she took down friends and half-siblings. Now S is free to do what she does best. Wander around looking pretty.

Steve: The whole passing-of-the-GG-baton and all its logistical impossibilities never did it for me. I thought making Georgina Gossip Girl the entire time, but having no one realize it except the audience, would've been a great twist. Since the writers opted not to go there, this plot grew too convoluted and I'm therefore glad the O.G.G. recovered the laptop, even if it's hard to believe no one saw her sneak in and out.

The Muppet

7. Should Dan have gone to Rome?

Christina: Dan was just insecure and worried about what will be the best comeback ever... a Chair reunion! The thing is Blair was honest with Dan about her day of scheming, so there really was no reason for him to make such a rash and ridiculous decision. So, yes... he should have gone. 

Leigh: Absolutely and this has nothing to do with Blair or "shipping." It seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity. Dan I get that you're a writer and you had this one popular book, but you are not a literary rock star yet, you can't work from anywhere, and you still need to solidify yourself. Don't throw away amazing opportunities for fickle girls.

Courtney: For sure. This program is supposed to be amazing. How can you pass it up for a girl that you follow in a taxi because you see her with her ex who also happens to be her friend? Plus, when you drop the L bomb and you get “I know” back? Not too promising.

Eric: In August? As Blair said, yuck.

Steve: The funny part is that I went to Rome once, in August, and it was indeed miserable weather and tourist-wise. But seriously Dan. I know you're a romantic at heart, but think about what you're doing here. If things go south with B, you're leaving an awful lot on the table. Talk about putting all your eggs in the single basket of life.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

Steve Marsi is the Managing Editor of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Google+ or email him here.

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