Missy Peregrym Previews Rookie Blue Season 3

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Rookie Blue fulfills the wishes of its fans tomorrow night, kicking off Season 3 with a premiere featuring William Shatner as a drunk driver.

But, in an interview with TV Fanatic, star Missy Peregrym offered up both a message to viewers and what she referred to as a theme for the new season: Be careful what you wish for.

Andy and Swarek

"Andy thinks it's gonna be great because part of the suspension was that I couldn't see him," the actress says of where her character is at to begin season three, returning from a suspension and believing she and Swarek can pick up romantically. "But it's not that simple. Sam is upset Andy chose the job over him. That's how he sees it."

Following events on the Rookie Blue Season 2 finale, how will things be different between Andy and Sam this summer?

Swarek isn't Andy's training officer anymore, and Peregrym teases that he'll suddenly be "overprotective" of his love interest.

"He won't get off my back, but I have a job to do," Peregrym says, adding that conflict will arise over an especially personal issue: Andy sees her mother for the first time in 12 years.

"She shows up on a call I'm on and it's a very emotional, very confusing experience. Sam wants to protect her from getting hurt, but who doesn't want to have her mother around? Even after all that time?"

Look for Andy to reunite with her mom on episode five of the new season.

She'll also come across someone unexpected on the season premiere: a new officer named Nick Collins (Peter Mooney), who is adapting to civilian policing after serving in Afghanistan. Andy will be taken aback by his presence at the precinct.

"She thinks, 'Who is this guy?!? I need to get my job back.' She's worried that he's gonna  be her replacement… but he's such a great addition, character wise and story wise."

Rookie Blue returns tomorrow night at 10 p.m. EST on ABC. Visit TV Fanatic the instant the premiere concludes for a detailed review.

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