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It's almost go time for Bombshell! In "Tech," the production moved to Boston, with only three weeks until the preview. Unfortunately, the start wasn't smooth; there were production problems, yes, but more pressing were the issues with the primary players.

Smash in Boston

The biggest issue ... Derek's in love with Marilyn.

He started dating Ivy when she was in the lead. Then, she fell from grace and when Karen got the understudy part, Derek started fantasizing about her as Marilyn. With that came some flirting and encouragement. If Karen wanted to pursue a relationship, she probably could have.

Then, Rebecca proved that she could be Marilyn by singing a sexy Happy Birthday to Derek. And what does he do? He sleeps with her almost immediately after talking to Rebecca about Marilyn's challenges and dreams.

It took three talented performers to play it all out, but that's it. Derek loves Marilyn and wants his own. How creepy! It's a shame it happened after telling Ivy he "loves" her. Though it seemed more like a throwaway line than a real "I love you." But Ivy took it to mean something.

Derek wasn't the only one to throw away his relationship after "Tech" started. It was an epidemic. Dev nearly slept with R.J. Then, in response, he thought it would be a good idea to spontaneously propose to Karen. What was he doing? How could he possibly think that was a good idea? It's not like their relationship was going well before she left for Boston.

The bombshell: these two situations colliding! Dev and Ivy, both heartbroken and drunk, meeting at a bar. The explosion will be them hooking up! Was the accelerant that they recognized each other's name? How could they NOT put it together? It's not like Ivy or Dev are very common names. If they know, it takes what they are about to do from inexcusable to reprehensible.

For a change, the strong and supportive situation came from Julia's family. She was rightfully happy to have her family back. It was surprising that Frank forgave her so quickly, but showed how strong a relationship they have. Her unwillingness to challenge this family stability was honorable. But, at the same time, a bit worrisome.

Why didn't she want to work with Michael again? It didn't seem to be completely about her wanting to keep the peace at home. Was she afraid that she couldn't control herself because she still has feelings for him? I think that was a major part of it. And Frank saw that.

Frank and Leo's support for Julia to give in and return to the production with Michael there was unbelievable. But I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and see where the story goes next. Will they survive the proceeding two weeks? How does Julia feel about Michael?

These last two episodes are going to be full of personal fireworks. Will they jeopardize Bombshell? Who will survive the previews and who will be out?

When Dev and Ivy exchanged names, did they realize their connection?

Odds and Ends

  • None of the songs were particularly interesting. Though, the best of them was Ivy's "I'm Going Down."
  • Tom and Sam are so good together. Despite some bumps at Sam's parents, they are still going strong.
  • How long before Ellis turns on Ivy? They are partners in spying now, but his allegiance is easily swayed.
  • Eileen and Nick are still a little bit of an odd couple. At least, she has someone on her side.

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Smash Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Michael is not coming back! That's it. End of discussion! End of discussion.


Ivy: I'm a women of many talents.
Derek: And, that is why I love you.