Supernatural Round Table: "There Will Be Blood"

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The Supernatural season finale is a little more than 24 hours away.

In anticipation of this event, let's look back to last Friday's "There Will Be Blood." Our esteemed Supernatural critic Sean McKenna and fellow TV Fanatic writers Carissa Pavlica and Carla Day are here to break it down.

Read their take on the following topics and weigh in with yours!


1. Are Sam and Dean gathering up the "fallen" blood too quickly or in the right amount of time?

Carissa: Okay. I don't understand the fallen blood thing so I have to say I have no idea how much time it takes. Ooops.

Carla: Were they collecting blood from fallen people? I must have missed that. I thought one ingredients was from a "Fallen Angel," which was Cas. And, the rest was from other creatures. An angel, an alpha, a demon of some special sort (Crowley), and any others? They need to do it now in order to stop the Leviathan before they turn all the humans into tasty Leviathan treats!

Sean: I almost wish it took them a little longer to gather it all up or at least not with the ease they’ve been able to. I know the guys always pull through, but I want to feel like they are at least challenged. Maybe more so with Crowley for the final one.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

2. Was the Alpha Vampire a welcome return and might he be seeing the boys next "season?"

Carissa: He was fun to watch and I loved the line about seeing them next season.

Carla: That was a nice return. It made sense that he found a way to survive out of all of them. And, I loved the next "season" line. Perhaps a hint of what is to come?

Sean: I love calling back to other episodes and seasons and the Alpha Vampire was a super creepy and great return. I’ve got a feeling he’s not done with the Winchester boys.

3. Is Bobby teetering on vengeful spirit or just determined to save the day?

Carissa: I don't know why they have jumped to the conclusion of vengeful spirit before asking him about it. For goodness sakes some of those people in the house where he came to light were there for decades. They weren't vengeful.

Carla: I hope he is just determined to save the day, but taking over someone's body was bad move. That was wrong even if for the "right" reasons.

Sean: I’m surprised the brothers think he’s on vengeful mode, but at the same time I’m not entirely sure how long it takes for something like that to happen. I just hope his end isn’t one where he becomes a bad guy or something. He’s Bobby Singer after all!

4. Dick Roman has been pretty calculating so far, so does he have bigger unknown plans beyond stopping Sam and Dean and turning humans into stoners?

Carissa: It's Supernatural. No matter what plans he has for them, they will fail, as they always do. Nobody can stop the Winchesters!

Carla: He wants to take over the earth and turn the humans into their food. Sounds an very similar to the theme of the TV show, V. Well, except for the whole they aren't aliens thing.

Sean: Of course he does! Dick Roman may want a tasty treat, but his plans have to be far more devious.

5. Any predictions about the finale?

Carissa: My prediction is that any prediction I make wouldn't be even close to what Supernatural will have in store for us. I'm usually surprised, and I like it that way.

Carla: It will be a let down compared to every other season's finale.

Sean: I’ve got a feeling there will be a cliffhanger in store, with the possibility of the Leviathan almost getting killed or unleashing something even worse.

Sean McKenna is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow him on Twitter.

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