The Big C Review: Getting Juicy

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Well, that was certainly a twist.

For most of "How Bazaar," I found myself once again hating on Cathy and feeling like the show - which started two seasons ago as grounded in the idea of a woman struggling with her cancer diagnosis - was continuing to branch off in a number of absurd directions.

Paul with a sponsorship? Sean in an open threesome... err, thruple? As I wrote about last week, I'm all for funny, unique storylines. But The Big C has just been really out there over the last few episodes, focusing more on the ridiculous actions of its characters than on the characters themselves.

Sean and New Friends

That changed a bit here, fortunately, as both Paul and Cathy got close to other members of the opposite sex, which - unfortunately for their marriage - does seem consistent with what we witnessed earlier in the season.

Remember when Cathy chose chocolate over sex in "Bundle of Joy?" When they clashed over the adoption? And, oh, right, when each engaged in an affair?

It's safe to say Paul and Cathy haven't been on the same page for awhile, forcing to viewers to wonder if they'll soon get on a different page with a different person; the bartender for Cathy, Joy for Paul. I was convinced the latter had no second thoughts about turning down his supposedly inspirational mentor, but then she started sucking the juices off her fingers in that infomercial and... yeah. I'd refer Paul's actions there as second thoughts, alright.

Adam is really the only likable character on the show right now. Sean is fine and perfectly funny, but he doesn't seem like a real human being. His nephew, at least, has a reasonable beef with his mother; comes across as your typically confused teenager; and really does seem to be aiming for self-improvement.

And, finally, we get to the twist. Something did seem a tad bit off about Dave, I must admit, if only because he was getting so close to Cathy. But I didn't for a second think he and Maxine would be lying about the pregnancy. How are they even pulling this off, in terms of the tests and evidence they've presented to the Jamisons?

And to what end? It's quite the assumption for the couple to have thought Cathy would be handing them cash or even a car? Most adoptions are simply based on a monetary exchange after the child is actually born.

I guess we'll find out a lot more next Sunday, as the season veers in a very different direction. You might wanna get your hand out of your pants, Paul. It's gonna be needed now for punching, not your form of juicing.

How Bazaar Review

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