Two and a Half Men Review: A Harper from Hell

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Ladies and Gentlemen, that is how you bring the hedonistic playboy Charlie Harper back to life on network  television!

If I could rate tonight’s episode only on Kathy Bates' performance, I would give it a shining five stars - but that is not how this works. The veteran actress delivered an award-winning performance, absolutely, yet the episode was lacking in certain parts. Let’s delve in to "Why We Gave Up Women," shall we?

Kathy Bates on Two and a Half Men

For starters, Walden actually choked when he was about to get rid of Zoey and Ava, as emotions got involved and he had to change plans. His refusal to send his lady and her child packing caused Alan’s heart attack.

From that point on, the entire installment went downhill... to somewhere dark and dreadful, a path this show treads so well. The episode featured the normal low-brow jokes, a staple for Two and a Half Men of course. Specifically, the ghost in the bowling shirt kept referring to his/her (its?) privates.

For the past few episodes, Alan has been painted as a pathetic parasite that no one cares for, especially his mother and always-high son. But tonight he decided to graduate from a leech to roach and stand up on his two feet. Like I said two weeks ago, these guys get As for effort, but fail totally and completely for the actual results. Here, Alan failed in his rejuvenation attempt and had to fake a heart attack.

Walden and the rest of crew were involved in B-plots tonight, which was fine by me, as most of the episode was reserved for the Harper brothers' reunion. Even from Hell, Charlie decided to still torment his younger brother. (Note: Alan is really gullible). Tricking him so that Alan would leave his house is so vintage Charlie Harper, and the constant references to sex just remind us viewers how much we miss a certain Sheen.

Sorry, Jon Cryer, if anyone deserves an award tonight, it should be Kathy Bates. So, what are thoughts on the unusual episode? Did you expect more or did you enjoy the installment? Have your say below. And don’t forget to check out our Two and a Half Men quotes page for vintage Charlie zingers and jokes.

Why We Gave Up Women Review

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Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 22 Quotes

Walden: How are you feeling?
Alan: Fantastic, I am on a morphine drip, everyone should have a morphine drip, and there will be no more drips.

Jake: Honest to God, someone put that pot in my locker.
Walden: Why would someone do that?
Jake: That my friend, is the million dollar question.