Drop Dead Diva Review: Family Ties

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This week's Drop Dead Diva was all about family. On "Home," to make up for the lack of interesting legal matters on last week's episode, we were treated a double doozy with two family-related cases. 

Kim took on her father as a client and Jane and Grayson got involved in a family court case. Yes, it was a case heavy episode that still left a lot of room for all of the personal drama!

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It's always interesting for one of the lawyers to take on a family member as a client. It throws that personal element into the mix that raises the stakes. Kim wasn't interested in seeing her father, but the second his ex employer mouthed off to him, she was on the defense and ready to throw down in court. Blood is thicker than water.

Not wanting to bother Parker with her suit, she took the case on and proceeded with business as usual. Parker ended up getting involved for two reasons:

  1. He is still missing Elisa (guest star Brandy Norwood) and their son.
  2. He does love Kim.

These two are so on and off and things got especially confusing when Parker found out that he had a seven-year-old son with his ex, but something always draws Kim and Parker back together.

With a clever realization about home decor, Kim was able to win her case. Elsewhere, Jane and Grayson were defending a teenage millionaire who wanted to file for emancipation but became part of a missing person case. Jane's case took on a lot of moral and ethical issues. Technically yes, Sam was kidnapped, but was it to save his life? Yes. Jane won her case, but in real life would this hold up?

Meanwhile, Grayson was still going strong in his quest to prove that Jane might be a reincarnated version of Deb. Now he's reading books on the subject, and even trying to provoke certain memories. That scene in the piano bar when Grayson had the song from Ghost playing absolutely broke my heart. Not only because that song is a tearjerker (sorry, Jane, I guess I'm sappy, too) but Jane just looked so completely heartbroken.

Sure, Owen is great, but Jane still has lingering feelings for Grayson. Luke is a much stricter guardian angel than Fred was, and I do miss Fred dearly. Deb may have hit the return button, but why is Jane being punished and not allowed to let Grayson know who she is? That scene was just painful. 

What do you all think? Were you upset by the scene in the piano bar? Did you find this week's cases more interesting? Do you think Nikki and Stacey's bakery business is a boring storyline? (I do.) Hit the comments! 

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Luke: Fred lived with you.
Jane: Cause I liked Fred.

A relationship is like open heart surgery, it's all about exposure.