Franklin & Bash Review: The Real Franklin & Bash

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Will the real Franklin and Bash please stand up? 

"Jango and Rossi" might be the new Franklin and Bash. Or are they the old Franklin and Bash? I'm confused.

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This was bound to happen. As the rebels without a cause move up to become partners at Infeld Daniels they began to wonder if they've sold out. The answer?  Maybe.

They were pretty quick to hand off the guy who robbed the pizza place with a gun made out of cheese but I did love watching Damien and Pindi work together. For once Pindar got to be a real lawyer, while Damien being willing to negotiate for cheese was sort of funny. I hope to see these two together more in the future. Especially when Damien is delivering lines such as this Franklin & Bash quote...

Since the gun was a dairy product we can probably get the weapons charged dismiss. | permalink

Where else can you get that kind of legal strategizing?

The entire robbery story should receive extra points because a Groupon helped uncover the entire scheme.

Peter and Jared had some great nicknames to describe Infeld's ex-wives. Bitchy, drunky, and stabby and apparently Evnathia could encompass all three. Maybe that's why Infeld married her twice. He seems to his woman a little crazy. 

Cybil Shepherd was a fun addition as Evanthia. Although a nut job, she obviously had a big heart and lots of love for that little dog.

The boys did have some entertaining arguments with Jango and Rossi and it was almost sweet how thrilled Jared was to find someone shorter than he was. Of course Rossi might not describe it that way.

One of the things I love about Franklin and Bash is that even after the trial is over, they happily invite their rivals to their next party.

So will the boys change the culture of a big corporate law firm or will it change them? Only time will tell. Right now I think it's a draw. Are the motorcycles too cliche? Should they keep the dog? And who wants more Officer Wendi back on Franklin & Bash?

Jango and Rossi Review

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