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-Franklin and Bash must take temporary custody of Infeld's ex-wife, Evanthia's dog Lulu as they fight her doggie custody case.

-Evanthia thought the owner was being neglectful and stole the pooch from Ms. Dutton. Turns out Ms. Dutton stole the dog from her ex-boyfriend. The dog is returned to him and he grants Evanthia with visitation rights.

-Infeld considers getting back together with Evanthia who was his second and fourth wife until he finds out she's sleeping with the dog's owner.

-Peter and Jared wonder if Jango and Rossi, the lawyers they are up against are more like they were before they joint Infeld Daniels.

-Damien and Pindar defend a cheese maker who robbed a pizza place with a gun made of cheese because he was desperate for money for his ailing father.

-One of the owners of the pizza place recommended the plan and taped the robbery.  When the video went viral, business started booming.

-Because of the scheme, the jury only charges the man with a misdemeanor.

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Franklin & Bash Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Pindi can't take an escalator alone.


We've got equity partner bonus money burning a hole in my pocket.