Teen Wolf Review: Off To See The Lizard

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After the season premiere, I stated that "Teen Wolf is good television." Following this week's "Abomination," I have to take that statement back.  

The hour was certainly fun, with plenty of excitement and twists, but there continue to be way too many WTH moments to warrant the term "good."

A Turning Boyd

That's not to say that I didn't enjoy this week's installment. Just because it isn't of the utmost quality, that doesn't mean that we can't all enjoy Teen Wolf just as much as something like Mad Men, which is renowned as some of the best work on television.

Honestly, there were moments in "Abomination" when I started to think that the series might dumb itself down purposefully. It is on MTV after all. Maybe the overacting, and the obvious writing is simply playing to its audience. More subtle, complex characters and stories might not go over as well in the market.

I'm not trying to put any fan of Teen Wolf down, because at the end of the day, I am a fan as well. Watching Stiles sprint back and forth between Scott and Allison in order to help them converse, Gerard conducting the most awkward dinner ever and the entire Lizard on the pool deck scene were some of the most fun I've had this summer!

Over the course of the night it seemed like they kept giving the audience more and more questions to ask. What's the vet's longer story? How many kinds of creatures can the Argents know about? What, who and why is this lizard creature? And what kind of favor is Gerard going to ask of Scott?

This lizard thing is ridiculous. It is just going around paralyzing people, and then killing them, because maybe it just likes to kill. If this story goes on for much longer it will get old because isn't that basically what the Alpha was doing last season? Will next season be a new type of beast going around killing everyone in town? A bear-man?

Who is the lizard though? Is it Lydia? Could it be Jackson? Is that what was happening during the missing two hours? He was lizzing it up? The better question is, does the lizard really not know who or what it is? What will it do if it ever finds out? Is that how Scott and company will stop it, by revealing to the creature its true identity?

All I know is that if it continues to force Stiles and Derek to hang out for a majority of the episode, this lizard can do whatever it wants. Those two are awesome together, especially when Stiles has to be in charge due to paralysis.

Meanwhile, Gerard was up to no good once again, inviting the star of the game over to the Argents for dinner. Wait, when did Scott become good at lacrosse without wolfing out? Has he been practicing?

There were so many strange things going on at the dinner table that it had to be one of the most awkward situations I've ever seen. The two kids are secretly dating because the father won't let his daughter date a wolf. The grandfather suspects (or already knows) that the kid is a wolf, but hasn't told anyone. The dad doesn't want the grandpapa to find out because he doesn't want his daughter to be hurt when the kid is murdered by Gerard. It started getting emotional there.

Thankfully Grandpa ended that with a nice stab to the gut. What?!?! How dare he?!?! As always, the bad guy is using the innocent family member as leverage. I sure hope Scott just does Gerard the favor, because I couldn't bear to see anything happen to Momma McCall.

Maybe next week we will learn more about the kid who takes professional photographs during the lax game while wearing a uniform. Those are some strict team rules the coach has. Seeing as that he pulled a random kid out of the stands to play in the game, I don't think they're following regulations.

What did you all think of "Abomination?" What do you think Gerard will want from Scott? And who is the Lizard? Sound off in the comments.

Abomination Review

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