Dallas Round Table: "Collateral Damage"

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Love, hate, intimidation, and murder. What more could you ask for from the latest hour of Dallas?

Our Round Table team of TV Fanatic staffers Christine Orlando, Sean McKenna and Dan Forcella is joined below by Luke from SoapChat's Dallas TNT Fan Forum, as the quartet hashes out its thoughts on "Collateral Damage" and wonders if anyone will come to John Ross' rescue.

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What was your favorite scene?
Dan: I feel like my answer to this question always to do with Bobby Ewing. Apparently I can't get enough of the Duffy. This week my favorite moment was his "You can trust me," and throwing the files into the fire. Stud.

Luke: This episode had many, It was great to see Lucy back and I think my favorite scene was John Ross and Bobby together after Lucy departed Southfork.  Bobby is generally fairly dull to me, but his interactions with John Ross are far more interesting than when repeating the past in scenes with J.R.

Sean: Bobby not opening the letter. That was huge to have that much will power and trust to not even peek at what's in side. I certainly want to know but it definitely shows what kind of man Bobby Ewing is.

Christine: My favorite scenes always seem to be the ones with Bobby and John Ross together. They don't bother to hide their disdain for one another while still keeping the slightest thread of family love in it. The sarcasm between them after Lucy left Southfork was perfect.

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Will Bobby or J.R. come to John Ross' rescue?
Dan: J.R. will pull off something major, which will cause John Ross to owe him BIG. There will be no turning back from the kid following his father's dirty path.

Luke: Interesting question, my guess is Bobby will ultimately support family.  It is tradition that both of his parents, J.R and Sue Ellen, always seemed more in love with what their son could get them, than John Ross himself.

Sean: Probably, but especially since she scratched him, it's going to be harder to prove his innocence. John Ross is up to it in the "no good" category.

Christine: Tough call. It could go either way. Bobby might help him simply because he's family.  J.R. would help his son but could also hold it over his head later on.

How will impending fatherhood change Christopher?
Dan:  It will probably force him to give Rebecca another chance. Unlike Anne, I still don't think the girl deserves it. She can be as loyal as she wants now, but how could you ever trust her after that first stint?  I know there are second chances and all that, but come on!

Luke:  I am still not really sure we will actually get to see Christopher as a father.  Christopher is the least interesting Ewing to me thus far and not sure fathehood will help that situation. John Ross' great line 'Don't you have more cows to birth' sums up my feelings about Christopher.

Sean: How will each episode change Christopher? He really alters back and forth between quiet and understanding to angry and yelling. A lot of times it feels like those are his only choices. I do hope that fatherhood might help him get on a good track, but with Christopher? Who really knows what we'll be in store for next time.

Christine: Christopher suddenly telling Elena he was going to fight for her really bothered me. I'm sure the babies will make him swing right back to Rebecca. He just comes across so wishy washy, perhaps fatherhood will help him grow a backbone because so far, every week I like Chris less and less.

Which character would you like to see more of?
Dan: John Ross, John Ross, and John Ross.  I know he's basically the main character at this point, but personally I can't get enough of him. They should just change the name of the show to John Ross and the Ewings.

Luke: I have always been a fan of Lucy.  Although not as a major player, Tilton is quite effective when used properly. Of the regulars, I think they are all being used about right.

Sean: J.R. Even after all these years he still exudes that cunning and conniving attitude that you can't help but want to watch him at his game. He's the guy you truly love to hate.

Christine: I loved seeing Lucy get more airtime but I'm definitely hooked on John Ross. Josh Henderson has hit his stride and I can't get enough.

What do you think of the Southfork love tree? Romantic or lame?
Dan: Can't it be both?

Luke: Distracting fits more for me.  I find it difficult to believe Jock and Ellie’s carvings would still be visible and when the tree appears it takes me from the story as it is so obviously a poorly conceived prop to illicit history and emotion.

Sean: Eh. I could care less but I get what they were going for with it. I'm more so indifferent to it.

Christine: It bugs the heck out of me. All of the carvings look like they were done at the same time, not 50 years apart. Then I'm suppose to believe that middle aged Bobby carved his and Ann's names on it. Not teenage Bobby and Jenna? Not with love of his life, Pam? And there's no other couples on it with all of Southfork's history? Come on!

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