Dallas Round Table: "No Good Deed"

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"No Good Deed" featured John Ross in prison and his life on the line. Which one of the Ewings would come to his rescue?

Our Round Table team of TV Fanatic staffers Christine Orlando and Dan Forcella are joined below by Toni of the Dallas Universe site and the SoapChat Dallas Fan Forum as they ponder Sue Ellen's moral compass, Rebecca's mysterious past and who played white knight and saved Southfork.

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What was your favorite scene?
Dan: My favorite scene was when Christopher went to Vicente and told him what was what. It wasn't just the first time I was impressed by Christopher, but it was the first time I was even interested in what he was doing. Way to go!

Toni: Sue Ellen talking to her son John Ross in prison. Linda finally had a meaty scene to chew on and did it greatly. Nothing to do with her former "me" and the quivering lip.

Christine: It was at the end with John Ross and Christopher reconciling, at least for the moment. It was great to remember that these two are cousins who grew up almost as close as brothers.  Although I'm sure if you give it half an episode they'll be back at one another's throats again.

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Who did you think was going to save John Ross?
Dan: Bobby! Doesn't he usually do all of the saving around here?

Toni: Honestly, I thought it would be J.R. He may be away but not oblivious to his son´s problems. Or so I thought.

Christine: J.R., Bobby, Sue Ellen…anyone but Christopher. I really didn't think he had to backbone to play in this game. I was happy to be proven wrong. It may be the first time I've respected his character all season.

Now that Sue Ellen has crossed the line, is she on par with J.R.?
Dan: Oh come on. Now we're talking crazy! She's still a few upper decks away from the heights J.R. goes to get what he wants. It was troubling to watch her act that way, though.

Toni: No, not at all. It takes a lifetime of wheeling and dealing to be on par with J.R. She regretted it 5 minutes later. Oh and what about her thugs at CMB? Didn´t she cross the line with them?

Christine: She certainly learned a thing or two from J.R. over the years but she still has too much of a conscience to be in his ballpark. 

Tommy isn't Rebecca's brother. What's holding these two together?
Dan: Under different identities, they are actually already married to each other. Christopher is going to begin to trust her again, fall in love with her all over again, and then find out she is still married to Tommy and her name is Georgia Thompson from California.

Toni: If the Rebecca name is not a coincidence, they must share a link to the Ewing past we fans know. Maybe Cliff, maybe Katherine, I´d say probably Afton.

Christine: Damn, Toni! I never thought of that. Now that would be a twist. But Ann seems to feel close to Rebecca. It makes me wonder if there's a reason for that. And what her strange relationship with Tommy is, is anyone's guess.

Were you surprised that J.R. didn't rescue his son?
Dan: I'm surprised that J.R. has been doing absolutely nothing for multiple episodes! We need more J.R. in our lives. It used to be "Who shot J.R.?"  Now it should be "Why no J.R.?"

Toni: Yes and no. With Hagman´s health issues, the storylines were adapted to them so I guess that this kind of inconsistency may happen again. His silhouette at the hospital was priceless, though the scene was far too short!!

Christine: Yeah, I'm sure the lack of J.R. is in direct correlation to the actor's cancer treatments while filming. Still, I thought we'd see more of him in this episode. Hopefully Larry Hagman will be fully recuperated so we can enjoy lots of J.R. in season two.

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