Dallas Round Table: "Truth and Consequences"

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"Truth and Consequences" rocked the worlds of several Dallas characters this week and our Round Table Team is here to figure out who got the worst of it when the truth finally came out.

This week Jim Garner, Dan Forcella, and Sean McKenna are joined by Mason, a serious Dallas fan visiting from SoapChat's Dallas Forum.

Can this Round Table team decide who deserves a second chance and who will suffer the consequences? Read on and then let us know what you think in our comment section below.


What was your favorite scene?
Jim: I really enjoyed Bobby and JR facing off. JR with his "don't get your boxers in a bunch" cocky attitude and Bobby declaring that he had beaten him once and would do it again was pretty powerful stuff. There is a storm coming to South Fork

Mason: I loved when Bobby and Ann confronted JR about the deed to Southfork being in his name! Nobody beats ol' JR! Classic Dallas!

Dan: My favorite scene was John Ross shooting straight with Bobby after J.R. split. The kid has confidence, that's for sure. Only time will tell if he truly has his daddy's smarts.

Sean: J.R. taking over. We knew he was going to and there's something fiendishly entertaining about all of his actions.

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Why does John Ross continue to believe his father even after he cut him out of the deal?
Jim: A son's love and a need to be acknowledged and approval by a parent, this can be one of the most powerful forces on a young adult and John Ross desperately wants JR's approval.

Mason: I think it's because John Ross is still holding out for his father's acceptance and hoping to "make his Daddy proud."

Dan: Sure, it could be a son's love for his father, but what if John Ross is just dumb? Maybe we're only seeing the kid from one angle right now, and sooner or later we'll figure out he's a complete moron. No, you're right, probably not.

Sean: It's his father, of course. The guy may have a horrible track record of reliability but John Ross believes that blood line will keep them connected. However, we all know that oil is thicker than blood.

Should Christopher give Rebecca a second chance?
Jim: Yes, given that she has come clean and didn't know what her brother was up to, I think she should get a second chance to prove she is the woman he fell in love with. While it would be a good start to make sure Tommy went to jail, I think she is too codependent on him to make that move... but we will see!

Mason: Of course he should! That way we can see their sham of a marriage fall apart slowly... ;)

Dan: No! Get rid of her. I don't care how much she was involved. She had something to do with it, and didn't come clean until after they were married. Find someone new big guy.

Sean:  I don't know. Conning a guy into getting married is a no no in my book, but perhaps she really did garner feelings for him while they were together. It couldn't hurt to try.

Did you miss Sue Ellen or Cliff this week?
Jim:  Sue Ellen, yes. I really wanted to see her reaction to JR returning to being a dirtbag. Cliff, nah, he's really just a side show clown hanging around the edges at this point.

Mason: Even though there was plenty of stuff happening in this episode, yes I did miss them! The more classic characters we see in the new Dallas, the better!

Dan: Who? And who?!?

Sean: Not really. I know they are from the original and their addition is great on the small scale but I enjoy getting that past in the present type of Dallas from J.R. and Bobby.

For which couple are you rooting?
Jim: I'm rooting for Chris and Rebecca. I'm a softy for a woman whose willing to risk everything to get a second chance.

Mason: I'm rooting for John Ross and Elena. I think he really loves her, but the fact that he can lie to her face proves how interesting their relationship could be... kinda like his parents relationship in the original series.

Dan: I'm rooting for Christopher and Elena. Whether it's their history, or their constant battling, I think they make a great couple.

Sean: At this point I find the backstabbing and the crazy pace at which the twists and turns come far more exciting than the couple triangles.

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