Suits Round Table: "All In"

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Suits went All In last Thursday night, as our favorite legal duo broke out its tuxedos and USA aired yet another winning episode of this summer smash.

In the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff writers Chandel Charles, Carla Day, Carissa Pavlica and Nick McHatton breakdown both the installment and their poker game. Read on and try your hand at these topics in the Comments section below...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Chandel: When Harold admitted he didn't understand what was so great about ballet and Louis promptly gave him a re-education and told him to "Releve his ass back to work." Probably my favorite Louis moment of the episode.

Nick: Harvey putting the fear of God into Luis. The amount of contained rage he had in that scene was remarkable, and it's amazing how far he's come as a character. Harvey is willing to put so much on the line for Mike, and I hope Mike begins to return the favor in more meaningful ways.

Carissa: I enjoyed the scene when Rachel and Louis initially met the guy at the ballet. The way they worked together was quite fun to watch and I'm excited to see more scenes with them in the future.

Carla: Like Nick, definitely Harvey scaring Louis into a corner. Louis deserved it for eavesdropping (which is illegal) and ratting out Harvey and Jessica to Daniel. How will Harvey take his payment? It will be huge when he does.

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Apparently Jessica Hardman is a prankster. What's the best (or worst) prank you ever pulled on someone else?
Chandel: I tried to pass Coca-Cola off as coffee and gave it my mild-mannered nana one year as an April Fool's prank. She caught me red handed but appreciated the effort.

Carla: The only one I can think of is at a high school overnight event, we changed the clocks and woke someone up before the rest of us had even gone to sleep and made them think they were late.

Carissa: I only did the innocent things like putting ice cubes down girls' shirts when they fell asleep at slumber parties. I always felt too sorry for the recipient to do anything more.

Nick: In high school I convinced one of my teachers to give a friend of mine a fake suspension notice because he ditched a class.

Do you think Harvey was out of line in gambling for his client's company back? Is it indicative of a much more serious downward spiral?
Chandel: Like I said in my review, I think that Harvey's actions are a combination both of his recent perceived losing streak and his desire to finally win something. As a result, he went big and decided to gamble for the company. I also think it was a strategic choice to see how far  that guy was willing to go to keep it.

Carla: It was a risky move, but one that Harvey felt was the only way he could get his client's company back. Harvey has confidence in himself and when every other option failed, he took the nuclear option. Don't think it was due to a downward spiral, but the last option to win.

Carissa: I think he needed the outlet, it was there and he used the opportunity. He got a little dark, but I don't think he'll be down for long.

Nick: I'm not sure. I think Harvey was doing what was best for his client in getting the company back, but Harvey has been a little reckless this season. I think all of it will eventually come back to bite him.

How is your poker game?
Chandel: I don't even have one. It doesn't exist!

Carla: Horrible.

Carissa: Stinks. Always wishing for the big win, I take risks that should never be taken. I definitely don't know when to hold em or when to fold em.

Nick: My poker skills begin and end with Celebrity Poker Showdown.

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