Suits Review: Young, Stupid, Sorry

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Harvey and Mike headed to Atlantic City, Rachel and Louis attended the ballet and Jessica contended with an old college classmate.

Yes, Suits went "All In" tonight.

Harvey & Mike Approach an Old Colleague

There was no better way for Suits to begin an episode than with Harvey and Mike in a pair of well-fitting tuxedos. It was pretty entertaining that Harvey trucked Mike all the way to Atlantic city, but the fact they found him a tux so quickly was even more miraculous.

Their little road trip certainly earned them more than they bargained for. Who knew a binding contract could be made at a card table with one or more parties intoxicated?

How Harvey got it back was one heck of a gamble.....literally!I think it was reckless, but I also thought that he won it back the way it was lost, making it a fair trade. He wanted to come to Harvey's table, backroom or not, and he got it.

Do I think he's acting out over Donna? Yes and no. I think he's acting out on the string of perceived losses that he's encountered since season two began. With the return of Hardman and Tanner's reappearance to tear the firm to shreds, and all of it including you at some junction could be a lot to handle. I simply think that Donna is close to, if not the final strall.

Another person who really got it from Harvey this episode was Louis! When Mike listened to that Dictaphone, all bets were definitely off!

I love that Harvey did nothing but tell him that one day Louis was going to owe him, no questions asked. That's going to come back with a vengeance, it's just a matter of when that favor gets called in. My best guess? It will have something to do with taking back the firm or freezing Hardman back out in the future.

On another front, however, Rachel and Louis had another fine episode together. Who knew they would both love ballet, or that Louis would be so passionate about it?! I loved watching Rachel get brought into the case in a truly involved manner.

What I was most curious about is whether or not she passed her LSAT?! Remember when she retook it back in "Meet the New Boss?" This more involved role seems to signal that possibility. All I know is that I like seeing them work together.

This is the second time around for Louis, who teamed up with Mike on a case a few episodes back. Now Mike finally knows why Louis became so cold with him all of a sudden.

Perhaps the most revealing and intriguing portion of this episode centered on Jessica's relationship with Ella, a judge with whom she had a particularly checkered past. I never pictured Jessica Pearson as the prankster, nor as the calculated competitor that Ella accused her of being. Then again, if you want to know where Harvey gets his cutthroat inclinations, she would be the first person I'd look to as his mentor.

She was completely unapologetic. That's something I admire about Jessica. She can admit what she did in pursuit of her goal, but she won't be sorry about her decision to do it. I don't know if that's a positive character trait or a flaw, but it is indicative of her strong-willed personality.

Other highlights:

  • Louis' ballet steps.
  • Harold's fatal incomprehension of the magic of ballet---which Louis quickly corrected.
  • Rachel and Louis working together.
  • Jessica confronting Ella and admitting she was wrong.
  • Getting Mike and Harvey out of New York a little bit.
  • Whatever prank that Louis blamed Harvey for, when Jessica was really the culprit!

Suits continues to bring it's A-game. By the looks of  it, next week will see the return of both Tanner and Donna. It looks epic, so be sure you tune in!

So, Suitors, was Harvey right to gamble to get the company back the way it was lost? Or was it truly too big of a risk?

All In Review

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