The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: Buyer's Remorse

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Did a drama on ABC Family really name an episode after a movie about an Orthodox kid getting lured into the ecstasy drug trade? Yes. Yes it did. "Holy Rollers" wasn't about drugs, yet it certainly ventured into religious territory.

When Grace convinced everyone in her life to attend church, did anyone really think it would go off without a hitch?

The Kids Attend Church

Let's just start with the fact that Adrian dropped the word "sex" in front of a 10-year-old kid. This was after she had him snap a photo of her and Omar so she could prove to Omar's mother what a nice girl she is. You can always depend on Adrian to inject a little humor into a tense situation. Besides, Adrian's comment wasn't the most inappropriate thing going on at church. Did you see Kathleen's dress?!? I wear longer dresses to the clubs.

Seriously, what an unholy mess that scenario was. Jack must've been really wanting to drive Grace crazy if he thought bringing Madison was the right idea. That's another girl whose dress needed to be several inches longer. Hello, does nobody recognize that there are times to wear short little minidresses and time to cover it up? Guess not. After all, we're talking about a cast that can't go through one episode without dropping the word sex!

I've heard rumors that certain guys are really turned on by pregnant women. I'm not saying pregnancy isn't a beautiful thing, because bringing a life into the world really is a miracle. But I'm talking about guys who really, truly get off on the idea of a woman with a baby bump. Like whistling out the window and catcalling type of guys.

So does Ethan fall into that category? Or is he just really intrigued by Kathy? I'm warming up to Kathy, the more we get to know about her. Before, it was just like ugh another sullen teenager with biting sarcasm! Now she is developing a good backstory.

Being a teenager is a confusing time, especially if you're Grace. I've said it before, Grace is fickle with a capital F. Glad to know that Jack was just flaunting Madison because he was going crazy about Grace. I figured if he knew Grace wouldn't sleep with him that he would just go after someone who would. Madison has no self respect, I'm sorry to say it. Obviously she was getting used and that just sucks. 

My favorite part of this episode, and also what I found to be the most emotional, was when Amy and Margaret had a sit down at lunch. I was genuinely surprised when Amy said she wasn't comfortable with her mom at her wedding because she was gay. I knew there had to be more to it. It's true, the Juergens family is completely torn apart. It's sad that Amy feels like she has no family anymore. Even though we grow up and develop new families, there's still the one we are born into. I felt so sad for Amy in that moment, but I was also so touched by how much she was bonding with Margaret. I also liked Margaret's theory about how feeling "buyer's remorse" and uncertainty after the wedding is normal. 

What did everyone else think of this week's episode? Are you over Ben and Dylan's storyline? Did you like the scene between Amy and Margaret? What do you think of Ethan and Kathy? Will Jack and Grace last this time?

Last but certainly not least, how long will it be before George spills the beans about the wedding DVD?

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Holy Rollers Review

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