Michael Raymond-James to Play Mystery Character on Once Upon a Time

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At this rate, there may not be any screen time for the regulars on Once Upon a Time Season 2.

A day after Colin O'Donoghue was announced as Captain Hook - a casting that followed such confirmed roles as Sir Lancelot, Prince Charming, Mulan and Sleeping Beauty - Entertainment Weekly reports that Michael Raymond-James will come on board the ABC hit this fall.

Terriers Stars

In what capacity? That's the question. Details are scarce (read: non-existent) on just what character the former True Blood and Terriers* star will take on.

One theory buzzing about online? James will portray Baelfire, Rumpelstiltskin’s long-lost son. Got your own guess? Submit it now!

Once Upon a Time, meanwhile, returns on September 30 and we won't need to wait long for this answer.

(*Do yourself a favor and go watch Terriers. It was only around for one season... but what a season that was!)

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