Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "What Lies Beneath"

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Following "What Lies Beneath," a Pretty Little Liars episode that delved into both Emily and the Maya murder mystery, TV Fanatic staff members Teresa Lopez, Nick McHatton, Leigh Raines and Carissa Pavlica are here to breakdown the latest happenings in Rosewood.

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Who locked Emily and Hanna in the Khan's cabin?
Carissa: A. This season, I'm getting the feeling A is trying to help the girls rather than hurt them, but they haven't figured it out yet. A wanted Emily to find Maya's bag. If they had left, they never would have found it.

Teresa: It had to be A, although I don't think A is really trying to help them out. 

Nick: Probably A, but which one? Dun dun dun...

Leigh: I wouldn't put it past A to be tapped into the Kahn's security system. A probably saw they were there and then made an appearance to scare the crap out of them.

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Who killed Maya?
Carissa: Paige. She's a nutter. She flips first and asks questions later. I don't think Emily was at her house the night she was drugged of her own volition. I think Paige drugged her flask, and later took a drink of it to throw suspicion in another direction. She was so close to having Emily when Maya came back to town she killed her.

Teresa: I'm beginning to think it was either Nate or Paige, but for the same reason - jealousy. Nate's a little too attached for a cousin, and we saw how angry Paige can get. 

Nick: I like all of your answers, but I'm siding with Carissa on this one. I think Paige is a very likely suspect especially when you consider she flipped her lid on those trashcans when she caught Nate and Emily.

Leigh: I agree with all of you that Paige has a shady little anger management problem. A normal person would've run off crying. But I still wouldn't rule out Wren, Melissa, or anyone whose whereabouts we aren't absolutely sure of that night.

What was up with Nate kissing Emily?
Carissa: What's up with all the Emily questions? Nate was really rude to do that. He knows Emily doesn't dig guys but did it anyway. I can understand his desire to be close to Maya by way of Emily, but I'm still not sure he's even Maya's cousin. Did Emily drink some sort of magic potion to make her alluring to everyone? I want some!

Teresa: This was probably the worst moment for the season because we knew it was coming and there was no way to avoid it. He was super aggressive about it, despite knowing that Emily was not interested. And why did Emily let him kiss her for so long? It seems like she's really happy with Paige, but I guess she's just keeping up with her friends. Seriously, everyone of these girls has made out with someone else while being interested or involved with someone else.

Nick: While I don't think it was the most amazing story choice I do understand the actions behind it. There was nothing romantic about it; I saw it as just a distraction to mask the pain they were feeling.

Leigh: I think he was just said and looking for something or someone to dull the pain. Emily is his best connection to his cousin who he lost, so naturally they have bonded. Seemed natural and comfortable to him.

Now that we know Ezra was acting off because he found Maggie, what's next?
Carissa: Someone mentioned it last week, I believe. There has to be a mini Ezra coming to town. First of all, NOBODY on television ever gets abortions, and to find her without a child would be plain boring. 

Teresa: Ezra's lovechild will totally make an appearance. That's the kind of drama that's too good to pass up. 

Nick: I'm sure Baby Fitz will make an appearance soon. Aria and Ezra seem to face more "grown-up" stories now.

Leigh: Three words: baby mama drama.

Are you expecting any more insight into A before the summer finale?
Carissa: Nope. I think we'll learn about the ultimate betrAyal, but it will have little to do with A, and it will shock the girls even more. On the other hand, we still have the blood on the anklet and Hanna's attachment to it to contend with, so that might provide another clue. I'm still thinking A's ultimate hatred is toward someone other than our four Pretty Little Liars.

Teresa: I'm thinking we'll only find out who killed Maya, which may or may not have connections to A. But we'll get lots of teasers...frustrating little teasers. 

Nick: I think at the most one of the As will be unmasked, but that's it. The mystery seems to focus on Maya only.

Leigh: Hopefully we will finally get filled in on Emily's blackout night, thus providing us with more insight. Maybe one member of the A team will be revealed, but most likely Maya's killer. 

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