Rookie Blue Review: So Much For Happy Endings

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I should have seen it coming. When Jerry and Tracy looked so happy in the opening of "Out of Time" it seemed too good to be true - but I thought the baby issue would break them up. I had no idea what was about to happen.

Traci & Jerry's Good Morning

When Jerry walked up to that door alone, I got a sick feeling in my stomach. I couldn't help but think that he wouldn't be walking back out.

Oh, how I wish I had been wrong.

Going into this episode I thought the most intense moments would be about finding Gail. Not that her abduction wasn't a nail biter, but for me it was eclipsed by Jerry's story. I hate that Jerry's being written out. Although I've never claimed him as one of my favorite characters, he certainly adds something to the show. I'll miss his jaded sarcasm as well as the romantic heart he kept hidden.

If they did have to write him out, I am glad they did it this way. Jerry was the hero. I couldn't believe it when - while basically bleeding to death - he pulled himself up off the floor and tackled his assailant. A final act of a man who knew he didn't have much time.

That he managed to slip his cell phone into the attacker's pocket was brilliant. It was a great piece of writing that after weeks of fumbling with his new phone, it was the very thing he used in his last moments to save Gail.

There were many other memorable moments in this stellar episode.

Traci having to point out to Noelle that she was in labor was both sweet and funny. It looks like that psychic was right. Her little girl came early. Hopefully Frank can get the nursery painted before they come home.

Unfortunately the psychic was also right about Traci and Jerry never making it to the altar. What else did that guy say? I really need to go back and watch it again.

I loved that even drugged, kidnapped and restrained Gail never lost her snarkiness. Her attitude shone through despite her predicament but I do wonder how she'll get through the aftermath of this trauma, especially knowing that Jerry use his last moments to save her life.

Speaking of what happens next for Gail, why didn't Nick call her back that night? She sounded so earnest in those messages but he says he didn't listen to them until morning. So my question is: did he go to bed early or was he sleeping with someone else?

Chris' jealousy and concern were almost overwhelming. Will he make another play for Gail? Or maybe Gail and Dov can help one another through their separate traumas. Those two have certainly been through a lot this year.

But going back to the beginning and Gail's abduction, I loved that Andy walked in with this great Rookie Blue quote

Remember what we talked about. Completely uncool to walk around naked in somebody else's place. | permalink

It was nice to have that little bit of humor before things got seriously creepy.

I was a little disappointed that we didn't see Sam find Andy on the floor. I was looking forward to that. The phone call just didn't pack the emotional punch I had hoped for.

And did anyone else notice that Luke never asked Andy if she was okay when he first saw her. He barely looked her in the eye during that first scene. Yeah, there are definitely issues simmering right under the surface. It should be interesting to see how that plays out as we move forward.

As Eric Johnson who portrays Luke said in our exclusive interview earlier this week, "the sh*t got real for 15 Division" and now they will have to deal with the loss of one of their own. Something tells me the fall out won't be pretty.

Out of Time Review

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