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-Andy returns home to find Gail unconscious. The attacker grabs Andy from behind and drugs her.  She wakes up the following morning to find Gail has been abducted.

-Det. Luke Callahan returns to help with the investigation.  Sam and Andy investigate the bartender while Jerry goes to interview the cab driver.

-Jerry realizes the cab driver is the assailant but the man stabs him before he can reach his gun.  As the attacker drags a restrained Gail up from his basement, Jerry throws himself at the man but fails to stop him.

-Sam and Andy clear the bartender and find Jerry bleeding at the cab driver's house.  Jerry tells Sam that he slipped his cell phone into the attacker's pocket so that they can track the GPS.  Then he falls unconscious.  Later at the hospital, Jerry dies.

-Chris, Nick, Dov, and Shaw arrest the attacker and find Gail in the trunk of his cab.

-Noelle goes into labor early and has a baby girl.

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Wrong day to piss me off.


Remember what we talked about. Completely uncool to walk around naked in somebody else's place.