Rookie Blue Round Table: "The Rules"

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This week's Rookie Blue featured Swarek and Chris clashing over "The Rules" and Traci struggling with the best way to move forward.

In this edition of the Round Table, TV Fanatic staffer Christine Orlando is joined by Kathryn, Nathalie, and Tess from the Rookie Blue Two Worlds Collide Fan Forum, as they wonder what the heck Dov is thinking and whether there's still hope for Sam and Andy.


What was your favorite scene?
Tess: The scene at the Black Penny where Luke tells Sam he's an idiot. Because Sam told Luke he was an idiot in season one.

Kathryn: Nick and Andy reciting the breakup mantra together. Well, really all their breakup buddy scenes. Chris and Andy's basketball game was fun too, and having Luke turn the idiot lecture back on Sam was fantastic.

Nathalie: The opening scene with Andy and Chris playing basketball. I love seeing Missy playing and both of them in another context than their workplace.

Christine: Nick driving Gail to work. The way they were joking around and playing with the radio. I don' think I've ever seen Gail look that happy. Finding out that Nick's been driving her to and from work since her abduction... Nick earned big points with me this episode.

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

Our dynamic duos had different partners tonight. Sam and Chris, Nick and Andy, Gail and Traci. Who was your favorite?
Tess: Definitely Nick and Andy, they have great chemistry. Nick is sort of Andy's big brother.

Kathryn: Nick and Andy definitely, but I really liked the other two pairings as well. I especially like the way Chris stood up to Sam after the shift and didn't let him dodge the issues he was raising by just saying that's the way it's done.

Nathalie: Even though I love that the tragedy brought Traci and Gail together, my favorite was Nick and Andy. I loved how Nick always tried to make Andy smile.

Christine: All three were great but I think it's unanimous. Nick and Andy were surprisingly cute, funny, and sweet. I'm really starting to enjoy Nick.

Is there still hope for Sam and Andy?
Tess: Well, after this episode it made me doubt a bit but I know they're in it for the long haul.

Kathryn:  Yes, but they're in a pretty dark place right now. I'm convinced Sam wanted to say something else, but then chickened out. But the mere fact that asking for his keys back is what he blurted out instead makes me think he wasn't in the apologize phase yet.  I don't foresee much positive movement changing the impasse they're stuck in until the season finale.

Nathalie: There is. I think Sam had some remorse after Luke's "advice" at the end and also when he asked Andy to give him his truck keys back.

Christine: I think Sam will eventually come to his senses but he's putting Andy through Hell in the meantime. He needs to open up and start talking to her more or they may end up right back here the next time things get tough.

What is Dov thinking getting involved with Crystal?
Tess: I don't know, maybe he feels that he has to move heaven & earth to make it up to her for killing her brother. I'm not really shipping them.

Kathryn: I still don't know. But while I don't get how the co-dependency works exactly, it was definitely more interesting this episode. (and more horrible at the end) Greg did a fantastic job directing, and especially managing to pull off some tricky scenes for Dov.

Nathalie: I have absolutely no idea but I always knew it wasn't a good thing. I guess Dov getting beat up just proved it.

Christine: Dov is so wrapped up in guilt that this will never work. Emotionally, I think this is a disaster in the making for both of them, and that was before Dov got the crap beat out of him. 

Should Traci spend more time in uniform or dive back in to her detective training.
Tess: I think she should dive back into her detective training, I know it's hard on her but she worked so hard to get to where she is now. If she's not going to pick it up now she may never do it again.

Kathryn: I'm glad she seems to be headed back to complete her detective's rotation. I think both Gail and Luke really helped her see that's where she belongs, and while I totally get why the memories will be even more intense, they're going to be bad for a while anyway unless she transfers completely out of the Division. But then she'd lose daily contact with all her friends too. So I think Traci will just put her head down and try to carry on as best she can.

Nathalie: I like her more as a detective, she's really empathetic with people, so I hope she'll stay on that career path.

Christine: Traci's worked so hard for this, she really needs to continue with the training. As hard as it will be for a while and as much as it hurts, the challenge of the work will probably also help her move forward.

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