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-A month after Jerry's death, Traci comes back to work but chooses to be in uniform. Luke tells her she needs to make a decision or she will lose her detective in training spot as he is overwhelmed covering both his and Jerry's cases.

-Sam asks Andy to give back the spare key to his truck. Andy is doing her best to get over Sam. Nick's helps make her laugh as they work together.

-A priest's van is set on fire and there is a drive by shooting at his church. The priest and local drug dealer Curtis Payne have started a war over Curtis using young children as his runner.

-When Curtis indoctrine's the priest son, he decides to shoot Curtis.  Nick and Andy stop him.

-With Division 15's arrest numbers at an all time low, the directive is to go after even the smallest infractions but Chris feels Sam takes it too far.

-Luke tells Sam he's being an idiot and he needs to figure things out before he loses Andy for good.

-Dov and Crystal kiss.  Afterwards, Dov is assaulted by three men on the street who tell him not to go near her again.

-Nick and Gail look happy as he has been driving her back and forth to work regularly.

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Rookie Blue Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Nick: Rule #3: Do not talk to your ex for sixty days. Oof. Good thing you guys don't work together.

People stay together. People break up. Whatever.