Suits Round Table: "Rewind"

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Suits took viewers five years into the past on last Thursday's "Rewind."

So it only makes sense for our Round Table team - of staff writers Christine Orlando, Chandel Charles, Carla Day, Nick McHatton and and Carissa Pavlica - to flash back ourselves this time around. Just a few days, though.

Just enough to relive the fun episode and chime in on its top scenes and surprises...


What was your favorite scene from this episode?
Christine: Donna and Rachel's first meeting. You're weird. We'll be friends. I've always liked their friendship and it was great to see that it started on such a quirky note.

Chandel: Donna meeting Rachel for the first time. You could tell they were going to be friends almost instantly.

Carla: When Harvey told Jessica he was going to get Donna back. I'm glad he's going after her because he needs her, but also because it will be entertaining to watch him grovel to get her to forgive him.

Nick: Mike doing his part for Team Pearson. I loved his argument with Jessica and the plan they're setting up.

Carissa: It had never occurred to me that Mike and Jenny might have been meant to be together. I liked seeing the beginning of their journey and how Trevor snagged Jenny away from Mike, even though the connection between Mike and Jenny was so obvious. I gave what happened later a much richer context.

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Did it surprise you that Jessica and Harvey set Mike up to go after Monica as a ploy to get votes?
Christine: No, not at all.  Harvey and Jessica are all about the end game and for them Mike is just a pawn in that game.

Chandel: No, I think part of the point of the episode was to point out that people are who they are; and Jessica and Harvey are both fighters and want to do what it takes to win.

Carla: I didn't see it coming, so in that respect it was a surprise, but it didn't surprise me that they would do it. It was a rather brilliant plan.

Nick: It surprised me that they were in on it and had a plan worked out. I assumed Harvey and Mike were doing this covertly.

Carissa: Not really. I thought Mike was doing it on his own, but in hindsight I don't know how he would have known where to look to get on the right path.

How did you feel about seeing Harvey visit his father's grave. What do you think was the purpose of including it in the episode?
Christine: I think we needed it to humanize Harvey because he really can be such a bastard some times. After watching him out Daniel's affair and threaten to let his dying wife see Daniel and Monica together, we needed to see what's driving Harvey.

Chandel: I think it was pretty powerful. Clearly Harvey's father is someone he cared about dearly and it proves that he is capable of loving someone other than himself. Like Christine, I think in the midst of everything going on this episode, it was important to take a minute and remind everyone that he's human.

Carla: As Christine mentioned, it humanized him. Also, it was the perfect setting to relate what happened five years ago and how that is impacting him personally and professionally today.

Nick: I don't completely agree with the humanizing aspect because Harvey has been going on that journey since he met Mike in the pilot. I believe the purpose of the scene was to show that even if Harvey can be a complete jerk, he does value the people he has formed a connection with and wants to help them. I think he wanted to do that with his father, but wasn't given the chance.  So now that the people he's closest to at work are facing a potential guillotine, he wants to make sure they don't line up. He was willing to put his own neck out there for Mike, and he's gearing up to help Jessica and make sure Donna comes back. It's been said time and time again that Harvey values loyalty, and this is his chance to return the favor - these types of struggles will strengthen the inner circle of Mike's secret.

Carissa: I loved it. Until you lose a father, you never really understand the all encompassing impact it can have on your life. The unresolved issues you had with him will forever be there and you want to ensure those issues are never left unresolved with anyone else you care about ever again. Harvey visiting his dad was his way of reminding himself of what he had lost before and what he could lose again. It's a lesson an intelligent person only learns once.

Favorite Louis Litt moment this week?
Christine: Oh, those braces. I didn't get my mine off until I was 19 so I just wanted to give Louis a hug for having to wear those braces.

Chandel: Louis admitting that he'd slept on Jessica's couch among other things, especially the part about the bran bars. Clearly Jessica liked them and was none too happy to learn just how they disappeared.

Carla: Definitely when Jessica was ripping into him for embezzling and he revealed all his secrets. Raspberry bran muffins? Barefoot in the library?

Nick: Braces!!!

Carissa: Agreed. Louis with braces. Why he didn't have the clear behind the teeth braces is beyond me. Weird episode in that they made it feel like they had gone back 20 years instead of five with some of the outrageous changes.

Which way will Louis vote and why?
Christine: I'd like to think Jessica can sway him, but it could go either way. I think Louis feels screwed over or overlooked by everybody. It will be fun to see which partner can convince them that they'll have his back.

Chandel: I think Louis will eventually end up voting for Jessica. For one thing, he owes Harvey from when Harvey found the dictaphone in his office and didn't report it. Secondly, I think that Harvey will reveal Hardman's attempt to frame him for the embezzlement five years ago, which will blow the lid off of his saintly character in Louis' eyes

Carla: He will vote for Jessica. He owes Harvey a big one for not reporting his dictaphone eavesdropping, so that could be used for leverage. I hope, though, that he finds out that Hardman set him up to the be fall guy for the embezzlement. If Louis finds that out ... no way he'll vote for the ass.

Nick: That's the great thing about Louis being the deciding vote. We've seen him show some loyalty to both sides at different times. Personally, for story purposes, I think he'll vote for Hardman and someone else may end up be the swing vote.

Carissa: Louis chose a while ago. Someone else will be the deciding factor, but Louis will stand with Hardman, and it will come back to bit him in the ass.

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