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Harvey asks Mike to track down a woman named Monica who has a connection to the firm dating five years back, a connection which could be wielded to maintain Jessica’s control of the firm.


Harvey takes a trip down memory lane both literally and figuratively, visiting the grave of his late father, who also passed away five years ago.


Five years ago, Jessica asked Harvey to track down who was stealing funds from the company under the radar. In return, Harvey required that Jessica promote him to partner. With Donna’s help, Harvey eventually uncovered Hardman as the culprit. Donna’s sleuthing allowed her to put together that Monica was his mistress, a fact which Harvey and Jessica used to force him out.


Mike meets Jenny during a night out with Trevor, but ends up with her friend, who sees someone who can take the LSAT for her.  In need of cash to help his Nana Ross receive full time care, Mike enters the test-taker business.


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Suits Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Louis: There's something you should know: Mike Ross had lunch with Monica Eaton today.

Harvey: One more thing: I'm getting Donna back.