Bones Sneak Preview Clips: She Makes Breakfast!

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She cleared her name last week in the Bones season premiere, but four sneak preview clips from this week's episode of the Fox smash hint at some tension on the horizon for the newly-reunited Booth and Brennan.

Case in point: She apparently makes breakfast now. That's his thing!

Clearly, the two have changed a lot and grown apart in the three months she spent on the lam. By necessity, Brennan survived on her own, making the reintegration into her life of domesticity with Booth a real challenge.

Recounting some of her experiences during that time, she leaves Booth wondering what happened to the woman he loves, and the love that they shared. The case of the week involves a dead divorce lawyer. Appropriate.

Take a look at some scenes from "The Partners in the Divorce" below:

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