Luka Jones Previews New Role on Up All Night

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With the Up All Night Season 2 premiere airing tomorrow night, I jumped on the phone this week with Luka Jones, the new series regular who comes on board as Reagan's brother, Scott.

What can we expect from the character and these new episodes in  general? So glad you asked...


How has the dynamic shifted betweens Season 1 and 2?
I think the biggest change is that the Ava show is gone. The contrast between the family life scenes and those on the show was just too great. The show is going to now feature a lot more stuff out of the Brinkley household with Reagan being at home. The show is going to be more family focused and sentimental without sacrificing any of the comedy.

Can we expect to see any tension between your character and Chris?
Not so far. Each of the main characters definitely have a way of getting on each other’s nerves, but Chris and Scott really love each other despite being very different. Chris definitely comments on Scott’s laid back attitude, but it’s Reagan who is really put off by it which gives birth to some very funny tension. It has been a great experience. I have a five-year old son on the show and it’s been fun playing a dad for the first time.

Luka Jones on Up All Night

What do you think you bring to the show?
That’s a tough one, I think that they probably made a huge mistake. I get to sort of play this somewhat smaller role and watch these three great comedic actors work and try to see where I fit into the scenes. I think I just display a certain type of attitude that meshes well with the other personalities on the show.

What is the overall feel on set when the cameras aren’t rolling?
The whole cast is real lovely off camera and have been amazing to me and very supportive. Everyone does bits off camera. Maya is always singing for fun to kill time and Will is just ridiculously funny. I actually auditioned with Christina to see if we had good chemistry as siblings and she was so nice in addition to being tremendously funny.

Were you intimidated at all by Will Arnett's deep voice?
He has one of those voices that is just amazing. I probably should feel intimidated by it. It is so deeply masculine and now thinking about it I’m sure going forward I am going to be intimidated by it, so thank you for that. I was such a huge fan of Arrested Development, so to be next to him in scenes and hearing that voice I catch myself thinking “oh my god I’m doing a scene with Gob [Bluth] right now.

What would you tell people who shy away from Up All Night because they don't have kids?
It is important to realize that parenthood is not all that the show is about. It is really focused on relationships among friends as well as married couples. Maya’s character Ava remember isn’t married and doesn’t have kids. Along with Christina and Will they are three of the best comedic actors we have right now. If it’s funny, it’s funny regardless of the context.

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