Switched at Birth Review: No Risk, No Reward

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If you want something, you have to go after it. That was the message on this week's Switched at Birth.

However, the other message on "The Shock of Being Seen" was this: if you take a risk, be prepared for there to be some consequences. Nothing is ever as easy as you wish it would be.

Daphne Gets Close

Bay is trying so hard to find her place in the street artist world, going so far as to pretend she has a different last name to fit in more. The most badass thing Bay could do is to stop looking for so much approval. As far as disobeying her parents and doing something illegal, that's nothing new. But this time she dragged Angelo into the mix when things have already been tense with him living in the house.

I think it's hard for most people to accept change and the unshakeable John is no exception. The life he knew for decades is suddenly different. People are breaking his baseball records, Katherine isn't home to cook him dinner and be a housewife and his daughter's biological father is around. It can't be easy for any of them, but he's always the one I regarded as unflappable. 

Angelo is making a huge effort, so it sucks that Bay betrayed his trust. She knows he's new to everything and completely took advantage of it. 

On the other hand, Daphne is usually playing it safe. I read the weekly comments and it seems like a lot of you guys think that Daphne is really a strong character. I happen to agree. However, teenage girls are teenage girls and crushes are crushes. Forget the fact that he's older, dating your employer probably isn't the best move.

I did love the exchange between her and Bay. I'm really enjoying their bonding this season. 

We have found some real common ground here. You're gonna help me with trig and I'm gonna help you with your borderline slutty rebranding. | permalink

Here's hoping things won't be too awkward next time Daphne goes to work. And here's hoping things won't be even more awkward when Emmett puts two and two together and realizes that Chef slept with his mom and tells Daphne.

What do you all hope to see in the next few weeks? I for one think Toby is a little underused and look forward to the end of the lawsuit. What did you think of this week's episode? Hit the comments!

The Shock of Being Seen Review

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Switched at Birth Season 1 Episode 25 Quotes

Angelo: Have you ever played with a band?
Toby: Yeah but my bass player got shipped off to boarding school and my drummer had sex with my girlfriend, so I'm kinda nowhere right now.

You are fun on caffeine!

Chef [to Daphne]