Nashville Round Table: Series Premiere

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Welcome to the first-ever edition of the Nashville Round Table!

Following a great series premiere, TV Fanatic staff members Matt Richenthal, Dan Forcella, Leigh Raines and Carissa Pavlica can't wait to spend more time in Music City. Join in their discussion below as the panel breaks down the show's main feud, music and insults...


What was your favorite musical moment from the premiere?
Matt: Yes, "If I Didn't Know Better" is the obvious choice. But considering my wife immediately jumped online and downloaded the entire Civil Wars album after seeing the performance, it has to be my selection.

Dan: Since Scarlett's performance at the Bluebird is the obvious choice, I will go with Rayna's performance at the Opry.  It's ultimate country music performance, so it was nice to see them jump right out of the gates with a performance there.

Leigh: I think Scarlett was genuinely talented. I found the song between her and Gunnar to be pretty mesmerizing. She has a sexy voice, but also a very sweet demeanor.

Carissa: They were from the small joint where Scarlett worked. I think that will bring forth a wealth of material and will save Rayna's career. The big stage scenes were good, but nothing in comparison to the dreams of the little guys.

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What was your favorite non-musical moment?
Matt: The exchange between Rayna and her husband in the kitchen. For starters: nice kitchen! But it also revealed a great deal about their relationship, one in which the wife brings home the proverbial bacon and the husband acknowledges out loud that he was her second choice. How often do you see either of those storylines depicted on television?

Dan: It was probably Juliette crying in the closet because of her mom, and then immediately turning to sex because she felt so awful. There is a lot to this character and I can't wait to watch it all unfold.

Leigh: The fight between Rayna and her father at his house. Dayummmm. I wanna know the history on this family. He was a mean old grouch. He was almost scary, like a true villain. It also showed off Connie's acting chops, which need to get a damn Emmy already.

Carissa: Rayna and Deacon walking and talking on the bridge. What would you change? Nothing... Everything. That's so true. When you look back at your life, it's usually an either/or decision. The little things don't matter, you'd either go all out and change it all or let it ride. I loved that moment.

Which character intrigues you the most from the start?
Matt: Juliette's mom. If she were so strung out, how did she know her daughter's cell number from a pay phone? Huh?!?!?!?!?!?

Dan: Deacon. Between his love for Rayna, the fact that he is an absolute legend in that town, and then the ease at which he got into bed with Juliette, I think there are many layers to that dude.

Leigh: Well, I definitely want to know why Lamar is such an angry ass. I'm really curious to get to know everyone. Juliette has way more than we see on the surface. We see ditzy sexpot, but she's clearly got some deep rooted family issues that have messed her up.

Carissa: Definitely Rayna. She's my age, and I can identify with her place in the world. How it's changing and she understands the change, but wants to do it her way. Plus, she's Connie Britton. She could make even the most dull of characters intriguing - and Rayna is anything but dull.

Better dig: "My mom was your biggest fan" or "Get those girls tucked in?"
Matt: Pretty sure Rayna would have insulted Juliette more by not noticing her breasts. The only way Juliette could have dissed Rayna harder, conversely, was to add "fattie" at the end of her dig.

Dan: Rayna should stick to writing medium hits and riding on her past success, because she doesn't really know how to jab. Was she making fun of Juliette for having large breasteses? Personally, my favorite single line of the night was probably Juliette's "only slower" to the guy in the hallway.

Leigh: Oh please. Juliette doesn't want those girls tucked in at all. Calling an older star "old" is a slap in the face, especially when her record isn't performing well.

Carissa: The former. The sad thing is she doesn't even realize someone will use it on her someday. You should always choose your insults carefully.

Does Nashville have the legs to last on television?
Matt: Let's see... politics, romance, sex, music. Connie Britton. Is there anything this show doesn't have? I don't see how it can't be a hit.

Dan: It would seem so, but you never know after just one episode. It could easily tank after the novelty wears off.

Leigh: I think it does. Despite the minor issue that I have a hard time telling all the guys apart, I think there are enough characters to mine material from. It's a little like Country Strong the TV show and I love that movie. Think maybe Leighton Meester will reprise her role as Chiles Stanton and guest star when Gossip Girl ends?

Carissa: I hope so. I'm always looking for strong female characters who are compassionate and worth rooting for, and even though I am more intrigued by Rayna, I have hope that Juliette will become more than the little bitch she shows to the world. There is a lot of material worth pursuing and if played right, it could last a long time. It also appeals to that NASCAR audience that doesn't necessarily get to watch dramas, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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