Nashville Round Table: "Someday You'll Call My Name"

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Disturbed mother and troubled daughter were reunited on Nashville this week, as the ABC series continues to delve into the complicated character of Juliette Barnes.

In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff members Carissa Pavlica, Leigh Raines and Dan Forcella break down the best moments - musical and otherwise - from "Someday You'll Call My Name."


What was your favorite musical moment from the episode?
Carissa: Juliette and Deacon singing their song in the studio. I really love that song. I hate that I love that song, but love it I do.

Leigh: I thought the talent show was adorable. It really showed Rayna's maternal side and was very sweet. If we're talking songs, then Deacon and Juliette's was great.

Dan: Also the talent show. Those girls had some skills! 

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What was your favorite non-musical moment from the episode?
Carissa: When Avery tossed Scarlett a bone and she thought he was doing it out of love. I want it to be for the right reasons, but I know his type, and rarely is anything done with the betterment of others in mind. 

Leigh: I'd say the moment Rayna confronted her father was the best. For a minute she felt sorry for him and then realized that sometimes circumstances are not the excuse for everything. Her dad is an ass.

Dan: When Juliette turned her mother away at the gate to her mansion. I can't imagine the hurt she felt in having to turn away her own mother because of drugs, but the tears running down her face definitely helped me feel it. 

Did Deacon make the right decision in turning down Juliette's offer?
Carissa: Yes. If he gives in he's just going to go down the same path he did with Rayna. He needs to make his own decisions without being talked into them by strong women.

Leigh: If his decision was based on Rayna then yes. Deacon needs to put himself first.

Dan: I don't know. The guy is really confusing at this point. We don't know what he wants, and I don't think he knows what he wants either. Not that he needs to know what he wants in life either. He could just float along doing whatever he wants from day to day, and be just fine. It also makes for entertaining television.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being most pure, how pure are Avery's motives in getting Scarlett into the recording studio?
Carissa: I'll go with 4. I think he does care about her, but he cares a lot more about keeping her from someone else, not leaving him behind and most of all he wants to make sure he gets credit for any success she has. It makes me very sad to think like that, but he's that bad boy she should run far, far away from.

Leigh: 5. Eh it's really 50/50. I think he does care about her, but ultimately he's selfish. It depends what kind of mood he's in that day!

Dan: 3. I definitely think he has feelings for Scarlett, but his motives for doing this act didn't seem very pure at all. His speech to her was fantastic, but it was an act. Did you see him standing next to Watty? He was on cloud nine.

What will come of Juliette's nasty little habit?
Carissa: Since it was filmed she could become the next Winona Ryder, with very clear evidence. It could also make Deason feel badly enough that he does the wrong thing and goes on tour with her, so you never know. Men seem to like to save the day when women show their weaker side, and she sure as hell did that.

Leigh: A PR nightmare with some potential flashbacks to Juliette's childhood. Should be entertaining!

Dan: People will stop buying her music and going to her concerts. Wait, people still buy Chris Brown albums? Oh, then nevermind.

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