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"The Talk" was spectacular, or pimptacular, depending on whom you ask. There are so few shows that tackle the topics we get to see on Parenthood, let alone with the quality that drips from every story. I feel honored to watch such an insightful program.

Jasmine and Crosby had the unenviable position of explaining to Jabar the intricacies of race and the speech patterns that go with it. What does "nigga" mean and who can use it? Why can they and not dad? I was so pleased to hear there wasn't a defense from Jasmine for any usage from anyone. Rather how we've come as a society and how far we need to go. 

Crosby's reaction to the whole situation, his understanding and recognition that there are parts of their lives he will never fully understand, was beautiful. His character development never ceases to amaze me.

Ray Romano as Hank

In keeping with the title, we learned a bit about Hank and his struggle as a single father. It closed the door just a bit more on the future of Mark and Sarah. There wasn't much of a doubt that Mark would be the man for Sarah in the long run, but the introduction of Ray Romano's character and now his genuine love and affection for his daughter seemed to seal the deal. It's just a waiting game at this point.

While Jabar was learning about how things had changed for blacks in our culture, Max was struggling with lessons he didn't even know were on the table when his petition for class president came back signed with names the likes of Seymour Butts. I wonder, is it his Aspergers that kids don't like? Or just Max? If Max didn't have Aspergers, would he be amiable? It's difficult to tell, but he does have road blocks at every turn.

Kristina's fear of her future gave her some wiggle room to put the surgery off a bit to spend time with Max, helping him with his campaign. It wasn't written as such, but you couldn't miss that clue. Political campaigns are her thing. What if something happened and she missed her only chance to ever be there for Max? It was totally Kristina to put her child first and herself second, even if it scared Adam to the core.

Zeek and Victor have both been on the outs this season, trying to find a place to fit in. Zeek found his way to the veterans center and met a young man who just returned from Afghanistan. Realizing he could give more of himself to the many who had come before and after him in service to his country, Zeek chose to stick around.

Joel and Julia essentially forced Victor to get up and off of their couch, and in his case it was to give baseball a whirl. Of course he hated it because he was so new at it and we all feel like failures when we don't catch onto something straight away.

But, oh, what a lovely confession from Joel to his new son. How could Victor not be moved hearing that his new dad was so excited to have him in his life that he just wanted to try a little bit of everything to find that special connection? I can't think of a better reason to be dragged to the baseball diamond than that your adopted father who loves spending time with you so much.

A favorite moment of the night was seeing Matt Lauria's smiling face as the veteran Zeek met. I love Jason Katim's crossovers from Friday Night Lights and will never tire of their appearances. Share your favorite moments and more in the comments!

The Talk Review

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