Revolution Review: Welcome to Bland-land

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Because Revolution spent plenty of time catching up to Danny two weeks ago, the gang took a pit stop to get Nora all patched up.

Travels Through Unfriendly Territory

As always, "Sex and Drugs" continued Revolution’s attempts to spin together complex characters surviving in a complex situation, and, as always, it completely missesd the mark. The situation is certainly complex, but the characters are trying to fit squares into round, three-dimensional holes. Granted, it’s going to take some time to smooth the edges of this shape until it becomes a circle, and I really am trying not to be impatient.

But when the words and actions on the page come across so poorly that I’m actively rooting for the villain of the week to successfully murder nearly every single character... well, things could be better.

Charlie’s reminiscing as she took a bath was bad. All of the terrible things that have happened to Charlie before and during this journey to save Danny should have sparked something within her, and without the montage reminding us of what has happened the scene would have been completely lost. 

Perhaps it’s taking Spiridakos and the writing team some extra time to figure out what is and isn’t working for Charlie as a character and my complaints will be long forgotten by the end of the season. But until that happens, if it does, other characters should be picking up more of the slack.

Not all about the episode was bad, however. Learning more about Aaron’s backstory certainly upped his appeal, although some of it by proxy. Mostly because I found Aaron’s wife, Priscilla, and Sean, the man who ends up helping them survive, to be incredibly compelling characters in their own right. Priscilla’s dedication to him was genuinely heart-warming, going against the stereotype of the beautiful woman only being interested in the rich, nerdy guy for his money. She was truly with him for thick and thin, and stayed by his side.

Other thoughts:

  • Danny and Rachel are finally reunited, and I’m truly excited to see what happens next with them on Monroe’s compound.
  • Aaron’s value suddenly increased greatly after Jason informed Monroe that he has a pendant.
  • A horse pulling an actual cart today!

Sex and Drugs Review

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