Supernatural Spoilers: Many Happy(?) Returns

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Ready to another round of spoilers, CW fans?

The network issued a press release yesterday that teased upcoming events on The Vampire Diaries (a major flashback and a dangerous mistake!) and Arrow (who is about to get arrested for murder?), among other programs.

Such as Supernatural. Which characters are on their way back to this long-running favorite? Check out the photo below and the following upcoming episode descriptions for that answer...

Return of Garth

October 31 ("Blood Brother"): Dean gets a call from Benny, the vampire he befriended in Purgatory, asking for help after getting into a brutal fight. Dean takes off on a “personal day” to help his friend.  However, when things go bad, Dean calls Sam for help.

November 7 ("Southern Comfort"): Sam and Dean go to Missouri to investigate a murder and find that Garth is already on the case, and the murderer is an avenging ghost.

November 14 ("A Little Slice of Kevin"): Mrs. Tran and Kevin work to concoct a demon bomb to use against Crowley, and Sam and Dean are stunned when Castiel appears and tells them he escaped from Purgatory.

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Supernatural Quotes

Cas: Sam, I don't know what's happened. I don't if this is a spell or a curse, or what's happened, but you will SNAP THE HELL OUT OF IT!
Sam/Justin: Sir, you watch your mouth! If we can't remain civil, then you can skedaddle.
Cas: SAM!
Sam/Justin: That's NOT my name! Cindy, grab his hat!
Cas: I don't wear a HAT!
Cindy: Honey, I don't think he wore a hat.
Sam/Justin: Fine! Sir, using language like that? H-E double hockey sticks. You should have your mouth washed out with soap!

Get him to open up and then sleep until the cows come home.