Arrow Round Table: "Legacies"

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We're back with a new edition of the Arrow Round Table.

Following Oliver being convinced to ditch his list on this Wednesday's "Legacies," TV Fanatic staff members Carla Day, Kate Brooks and Leigh Raines have been joined by Craig from, as they've convened to discuss that decision in depth, while also choosing their favorite moments from the episode.

Pull up an online chair and join in the Q&A now...


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What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?
Carla: The heart-to-heart between Diggle and Oliver was necessary for moving the story forward. These two really do need each other.

Kate: I really enjoyed the scenes between Oliver and Diggle, especially the one where he was telling me how being a hero is more than just writing his father's wrongs. I like the direction it steered Oliver. A close second would be also when Diggle was telling Oliver how he did honor his father by stopping the bank robbers and offering the man a second chance.

Leigh: I really liked Thea's mini meltdown at the party. Even though it was a little embarrassing for her, she was really honest about her relationships and her life and I liked learning more about it. She truly is very lonely.

Craig: I loved the final moments of the episode, where Oliver takes his mother out for Big Belly Burger. It added a humanity to both characters, and showed how Oliver is slowly but finally starting to re-integrate himself into the "real world." As a bonus, it made me hungry for burgers.

What do you think of Diggle and Oliver's partnership?
Carla: Love it. Oliver not only needs someone that he can confide in about what he's doing, but someone that can be a moral compass for Oliver. Diggle will help make sure that "Arrow" doesn't shift from a positive force for the community into a villain.

Kate: I love this relationship very much! I am glad that Oliver has a partner so he doesn't have to do this alone. Diggle is also like Oliver's voice of reason and convincing him to stop the bank robbers was just an example.

Leigh: Diggle is definitely a grounding force and a moral compass for Oliver. I just hope I get to see some more action from Diggle and that he doesn't merely serve as Oliver's "Alfred."

Craig: One thing that worked really well for "Legacies" is that Diggle is not a sidekick; he is a partner, and I think he's going to help Oliver as much as Oliver will help him. I liked that it was Diggle's suggestion that had Oliver taking on this week's "job," and I think without Diggle, Oliver could have continued the way of being a heartless vigilante who kills people.

Are you Team Laurel and Tommy? Or Team Laurel and Oliver?
Carla: Right now, I'm Team Tommy. He wants to be a better person for Laurel and she is good for him. He truly cares about her and she could use someone like that in her life. She's all about work, so why not have some fun with Tommy? Oliver's focus is elsewhere. Will he get back together with Laurel at some point? Probably. But, right now, he's not good for her.

Kate: Laurel and Oliver!!! These two are my favorite pairing on the show, I'll go down with this ship. As of this week, I sort of get this weird chemistry vibe from Thea/Tommy. It's weird but I like it. I don't like Tommy/Laurel but I'll go with it for now.

Leigh: Laurel and Oliver. She's into work. He's into... work. The bond Laurel and Tommy have is real, but I'm not sure I see them together. However, the show would never put Oliver and Laurel together this quickly so fair enough.

Craig: I'm not prepared to get into shipper wars with Arrow just yet. Right now, I think Oliver still needs to get re-acclimated to normal life. I'm not suggesting Tommy is the best choice for Laurel right now either. All in all, relationship drama is not what I'm tuning in for.

What do you think about all off the Speedy references?
Carla: Definitely foreshadowing what's to come! Speedy!

Kate: To be completely honest, I don't know what you're talking about. I don't read the comic books or even know that much about Arrow. I am going with the flow right now.

Leigh: I haven't read the comics, but I've heard that Speedy is who Thea is supposed to turn into. This can only mean some major foreshadowing!!! A bigger role for Thea? Yay!

Craig: I enjoy the "Speedy" references when it comes to Thea. I kind of take it as a hint that she will be more to this series than just "Oliver Queen's younger sister." The notion that the actress playing Thea, Willa Holland, wants to "go there" makes it even better. As a fan of the comics, am I bothered that "Speedy" might not be Mia Dearden or Roy Harper? Not at all. There's still room for them on this show, yet.

Where was Detective Lance this week?
Carla: He could use some down time. I hope he was home relaxing with a beer and watching sports.

Kate: In my mind he was enjoying some much needed rest and quiet time on a beach somewhere.

Leigh: Detective Lance took a mental health day after the past few episodes. He was possibly still sleeping off the mean hangover he definitely got when Laurel picked him up at the bar last week.

Craig: Detective Lance was probably still at the bar after the events of "Damaged." Or maybe he was getting some sleep... the guy's got to rest sometime.

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