Arrow Round Table: "Muse of Fire"

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We were introduced to a pair of new characters on Arrow this week: Tommy's father and a fascinating love interest for Oliver.

What will the impact be of Mr. Merlyn and The Huntress? TV Fanatic Round Table panelists Carla Day, Leigh Raines, Kate Brooks and Craig from are here to debate that questions and many others related to "Muse of Fire."


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Carla: When Oliver and Helena have dinner. It was the first time we really saw Oliver be honest and open about himself. He's opened up a little with Diggle, but more in a pragmatic mission focused manner. With Helena, Oliver exposed his emotional and damaged self.

Leigh: I actually liked the ending, when Helena said she would ask how he got in, but that's what vigilantes do. I liked how she knew he was there before he even turned around.

Kate: I liked the Oliver and Helena dinner, they had a good connection. I also enjoyed the Thea and Oliver scene, every one of them.

Craig: I liked the scene where Oliver formally meets Helena at her father's house... a bit biased, though, because that scene was being shot when we were on set.

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Do Oliver and Helena have a future?
Carla: They'd appear to be the perfect match, both vigilantes with similar family backgrounds, but I don't think so. I'd love to see them give a relationship a try, but there individual vigilante quests will take precedence over finding love.

Leigh: Maybe a temporary affair, but nothing that will ever last. Their agendas will get in the way.

Kate: No. I think they work for now and it is nice to see Oliver be honest and let his guard down.

Craig: I think they have a future as far as that she might come back for a guest shot from time to time, as I'm pretty sure she's popular, but I don't think they'll let Oliver settle down full time, if that's what you mean. I do think no matter what happens, he will learn from this encounter.

React to the introduction of John Barrowman as Tommy's father.
Carla: Nice reveal. However, it was no surprise that the "Well Dressed Man" was Mr. Meryle as soon as Tommy walked in on the fencing match. Given his connections to both Tommy and Moira, his character should be around for a while which makes me happy.

Leigh: Considering I didn't even know John Barrowman, I wasn't sure what all the anticipation was about. What made it really interesting was his visit to Moira and then connecting all of the dots afterward.

Kate: It doesn't matter to me either way. In the future it'll probably play a HUGE role, but as of right now I could care less about Tommy and his storyline. Sorry... okay, not sorry.

Craig: I've got to admit... I called it! As soon as the Barrowman casting announcement came out, I speculated that he might be playing Tommy Merlyn's father. I was a little thrown off, though, when Colin Donnell said he hadn't met any other family members yet... at the time he said that, it was probably true. I think the reveal makes Tommy a heck of a lot more interesting and I can't wait to see what more they do with it.

What single question about the island would you most want to ask Oliver?
Carla: What happened on the island? Okay, that's very general, but I want to know everything! If I had to ask a specific questions, this may be a lame one, but I want to know about the languages.

Leigh: Crap, this is so hard to narrow down. I want to know how he knew about all the bad things his father had done. I understand how he got the list of names, but how did he get the info beyond that list?!?

Kate: Did you ever get poison ivy?

Craig:  "Did you ever find love on the island?" It is The CW, after all, and I'd rather not focus exclusively on the bad things.

Who is the better revenge seeker, Oliver Queen or Emily Thorne?
Carla: Oliver isn't out for revenge, instead he wants to protect Starling City and get justice for them. Emily Thorne is all about getting revenge for what happened to her father and through him to her. So, I have to go with Emily Thorne.

Leigh: While they have their similarities, they are seeking different kinds of revenge. Oliver is fast and uses weapons, Emily's plans are more thought out and detailed. I will say that Emily is a far better liar.

Kate: I love Arrow and Oliver Queen, but no one does Revenge like Emily Thorne! That girl is the head bitch in charge, you don't mess with Emanda. Just saying.

Craig: I think Emily's a lot more subtle, but Oliver's probably more likely to get the job effectively done.

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