Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: The Two Blair Waldorfs

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Blair certainly made a fashion splash this week, for better or worse. In this sneak peek from next Monday's Gossip Girl, the younger Waldorf hears about it from Eleanor regarding the disaster that was Cotillion.

As Eleanor sees it, there are two Blairs, and one of them has got to go:

In "Where the Vile Things Are," B braces herself for her mom's imminent arrival, as teased at the end of "Monstrous Ball," but is unprepared for the demands - and tone - Eleanor brings with her to NYC.

Will Blair's dark, scheming, sexually deviant side win out? Or will the intelligent, upstanding, business savvy woman within her triumph, as her mom demands if she is to be the CEO of a major corporation?

Can the two sides of Blair really be separated? Food for thought.

As we were reminded again this week, her future with Chuck may depend on her success with Waldorf Designs. Share your thoughts on the above clip and predictions for Monday's episode with us below.

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