Happy Endings Review: When People Stop Being Polite, And Start Getting Real

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If I could put this entire episode of Happy Endings into the best quote section, I totally would. There is nothing I love more than a throwback episode.

"More Like Stanksgiving" had me grateful that Max and Brad met on the cast of Real World: Sacramento

How The Gang Met

Leave it to one of the laziest people on the planet, Max, to uncover a DVD that was buried deep in the MTV vaults. The only thing that would've made this episode better was if it was entirely done in flashback. I need more Real World: Sacramento! Remember when that was a good show? It stopped being entertaining in 2003, but don't even get me started.

Max thought the DVD would be his star moment when he came out as openly gay on television. Or as we later found out: "openly Greg." Instead it provided us with a glimpse into everyone's pasts and I have to say I wasn't even surprised about most of it.

Apparently back in 2002, Max was still in the closet and dating Penny. Penny rocked a full Juicy sweatsuit (obvi) and the Rachel haircut from Friends. Jane dressed like Gwen Stefani with the pink hair and Brad had dreads and walked around with a pitcher of Gatorade or some kind of weird concoction. I don't know why, but Max's Busta Rhymes jab towards Brad had me in stitches.

Busta Bust, why don't you throw your hands where my eyes can see, which would be in the sink doing my dishes! | permalink

Maybe it was just throwing those lyrics out there, but I feel like Adam Pally couldn't even film that without laughing. Did you guys notice he seemed to be suppressing a laugh that entire scene? Meanwhile, Dave was still in the Dave Matthews Band/Phish scene with his longish hair. Why was Alex dressed so 90s? You know by the year 2000 she'd have already had her Spice Girls phase and be rocking the slinky camisoles and low cut jeans that were the turn of the century chic. 

There is no possible way, that Jane has never heard the term "Kerkobitch" before. With that last name and her personality? No effing way. She probably just pummeled all the people who said it. I'm glad she stumbled into Brad's bed that night as they are one of my favorite TV couples of all time.

What's with all the Penny and Dave feelings? I'm still not so down with that, but I guess now that they're giving us a history it's a little more believable. Dave's storyline was kinda eh. It broke up the episode too much. And are clams really a traditional Navajo food? 

I loved this episode and I also loved finding out that my sister isn't the only one who open eye naps. Granted, she does it with one eye, which is slightly less creepy than Alex. What about you? Were you grateful for the Real World: Sacramento? Hit the comments!

More Like Stanksgiving Review

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I need some hand sani for my face.


If I don't show up with a sack of clams I'm gonna look like a real dope!