Supernatural Round Table: "Blood Brother"

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A vampire got between Sam and Dean on last Wednesday's episode of Supernatural. How did our TV Fanatic Round Table feel about "Blood Brother?"

Find out now, as staffers Sean McKenna, Carissa Pavlica and Carla Day are joined by Alice Jester (of The Winchester Family Business) for a rundown of the latest development. Read on. Jump in!


What do you think of Sam's flashbacks? Amelia?
Carissa: I liked Sam's flashbacks better during this episode than I did previously. Learning a bit about why he was where he was and how he was being a handyman without any idea where to go gives his love story some much needed backbone.

Carla: They provide much needed perspective to what Sam went through. It's not like Dean disappeared and Sam just got a dog and fell in love the next day. Life just happened.

Alice: I’ve actually been dying for some backstory, especially from Sam. I like Amelia. She’s damaged, much like her gigantor counterpart.  I just wish we had more right now. Anyone think the dog is some sort of conspirator designed to bring them together? Agent of cupid perhaps?  Nah, probably just a dog.

Sean: They just didn't do it for me. It would be interesting if the dog was perhaps supernatural and the bringing of Amelia and Sam together was more than just mutual attraction. Yet for now, I'm not feeling their crazy love for each other and hope that we really get to see it soon.

Why do you think Dean's waited so long to tell Sam about Benny?
Carissa: I had no idea that Sam didn't know about Benny. I think he was probably feeling guilty about befriending a vampire, especially since Cas didn't make it out of purgatory.

Carla: Dean knew Sam's reaction would be to kill Benny. A vampire is an enemy. He also feared the Sam wouldn't understand the relationship and it would drive a wedge between the brothers.

Alice: Dean knows that Sam wouldn’t understand, especially after the whole Amy mess last season. I bet Dean would have still kept Benny a secret if Sam hadn’t shown up at the docks in time. He’s trying to protect Benny. 

Sean: Dean knows Sam would want to kill him. Maybe he would never have told Sam, especially because teaming up with a monster has always been kind of a no-no. Remember when Sam worked with Ruby? It didn't end so well.

Are you glad we spent time getting to know Benny?
Carissa: Getting to know Benny has been fantastic. As I've said before, I'm a giant Ty Olsson fan and Benny as a character is very well fleshed out. Even I was surprised at just how well he was written after we learned about his vampire pack. Turning his back on the woman he loved said a lot about who he was before he was killed and who he was with Dean.

Carla: Yes, it's important for us to know why Dean is friends with him and not considered an enemy. With the coming battle between the brothers, we can at least understand Dean's perspective now. Sam and Dean have a lot to work out.

Alice: Yes. I like seeing a monster for once that isn’t a scheming savage. It’s quite refreshing. I believe Benny is good, turned by circumstances beyond his control. I hope he stays that way, even though he’s having a huge identity crisis right now. I think Dean will be the one to help him.

Sean: For sure! He's got a great personality and the situation of a monster who doesn't want to be one is interesting to watch. That and the fact that we get to see more and more of why Dean and Benny were able to work together.

What did you think of Sam's initial reaction of Benny? What will he tell Dean in the next episode?
Carissa: Sam's initial reaction to kill Benny made sense. It's what they do. There are very few supernatural characters who get away from the brothers alive. I think he's going to be pissed to learn he gave up Amelia when Dean brought back a vamp friend. The two have nothing to do with each other, but love isn't rational.

Carla: Sam's reaction was natural. He's a hunter and Benny should be the hunted. Sam's restraint says a lot about the brother's relationship though. With a simple head shake from Dean, Sam backed down. Despite the craziness of the situation, Sam accepted that Benny was not an immediate threat. Sam is not going to be happy about it, but I kinda hope Sam accepts it without much trouble.

Alice: Sam’s reaction is natural for a hunter who’s spent a lifetime hunting these things, and especially natural when he had a monster friend not too long ago that Dean killed because she killed humans. I’m certain Sam will rub that all in Dean’s face, asking for proof that Benny hasn’t killed before.

Sean: I would have been surprised if Sam actually shook hands right away, but he knows Benny is a vampire. He's bound to tell Dean all the problems with the friendship, but I hope he understands. Same as I hope Dean comes to understand better Sam's decision to want a normal life.

Do you think at some point Dean might have to choose between Sam and Benny?
Carissa: I hope not. I can't think of a scenario where he would have to choose between them, but then again, it's Supernatural and there are a lot of scenarios that I don't think about on a daily basis!

Carla: I hope it doesn't come down to Sam saying him or me type of thing. But, I wouldn't be surprised if a life or death situation arises that would require Dean to make a choice. Though, it's not much of a decision. Dean would pick Sam no matter what. It would be a more nuanced choice that would be difficult.

Alice: Yes. Only because the writers of this show are that twisted. After all, Sam had to choose between Dean and Ruby in season four, so why not put Dean in that same situation? The question becomes, who’s loyalty is deeper? If the boys don’t work out their differences, the answer in kind of obvious. They'll be a few more fangs going around.

Sean: I don't doubt it. This show loves to pit the brothers against each other and while we may just want them to get along all the time, those problems really help keep the shows and characters alive. I hope Dean doesn't have to choose, but somewhere along the line I've got a feeling there will be a moment where it comes down to Sam or Benny.

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