Vegas Review: Wholesale Butchery

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"Bad Seeds" kept me guessing until the end, even though I knew what appeared to be in motion couldn't possibly happen. That's the enigma that is Vegas. It manages to pique my curiosity even when I think I know what's coming.

Poor Savino. He had made things so clear when he told his men to make sure the bodies of the men from Milwaukee were never found. Unfortunately, as Savino pointed out in this Vegas quote, they could have chosen their spot a little better.

You buried them on a farm? You buried the bodies where the ground is constantly turned over? | permalink

It was a case of only being as smart as your dumbest employee and Savino was paying the price.

Lamb & Savino At Home

When Jones stepped off the airplane in Vegas, you could feel that he was the hired killer before he even spoke. When he told security that his profession was "wholesale butchery" I had to laugh at the irony. 

With Milwaukee on the hunt for Savino, Sheriff Lamb did the unexpected. He took him home to his ranch. 

Some of my favorite scenes of this show are the interactions between Lamb and Savino, but there was one here that I didn't completely understand.

Savino tried to pry the layers away in order to understand Lamb but why bait him about his dead wife. When he asked him if he'd ever considered if he'd "taken that discharge it'd be your wife sitting here at the table instead of me?," the question seemed needlessly cruel.

Of course Lamb had thought of that. Who wouldn't? I'm sure it tortures him to this day. I couldn't quite read what Savino's goal was in poking that old wound.

Back at the Savoy, Jack ran to check on Mia only to have a run in with her daddy. The look on his face when Rizzo sent him packing was a combination frustration and disappointment. He was sincerely concerned for Mia's safety.

Which led Mia to ask him why he felt such a need to protect her. His response: I guess I just feel it's something I might be good at, put a smile on both her face and mine. 

The end had me on the edge of my seat, even though I knew what was happening couldn't possibly happen. They couldn't kill Savino off, yet I couldn't figure out how he was going to get out of this. He appeared to be a dead man walking. 

I loved that when resigned to his fate, he asked Rizzo to bury him deep so his kids would never have to see his body. 

And then the unthinkable happened. Rizzo shot Angelo. I'll admit I didn't see that one coming. Well played, Vegas.

There was nothing but love and relief when Laura and Vince reunited. They both thought he was a dead man. Words were unnecessary.

Although thankfully alive, Savino's life just got even more complicated with Rizzo in charge. He's a hot head and will be challenging to work with and even harder to control. Not to mention that he'll be a major obstacle in any relationship between Jack and Mia.

With a new boss, a new mayor and a shifting dynamic between Savino and the Sheriff, this show continues to intrigue viewers with its charismatic look into the gritty yet alluring pull of 1960s Vegas.

Bad Seeds Review

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You buried them on a farm? You buried the bodies where the ground is constantly turned over?