American Horror Story Review: Will Good Overcome Evil?

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The expected was revealed in American Horror Story: Asylum's "The Coat Hanger," but there were a few surprises as well: Two presumed dead patients are very much alive.

Dylan McDermott is playing Modern Day Bloody Face, also known as Johnny. McDermott went from playing a psychiatrist last year to needing one here. And he believes he is the son of Dr. Thredson, the original Bloody Face.

Can Kit Be Saved?

With the multiple pregnancies at Briarcliff, I wouldn't put money on Johnny being Thredson's son. Besides finding out that he was the one who made the 911 calls, his comments to Dr. Gardner showed that at some point in the past, Dr. Thredson's true identity was uncovered. 

Lana and Kit were impressive in their manipulation of Thredson to get his confession on tape. While Lana was talking to him, I hoped they were recording it, but given the time period wasn't sure how they would pull it off. The problem is that the confession recording is hidden under a bathtub. Who will find it?

It's amazing that Lana hasn't gone crazy. I admire her strength, will to live and determination to right both her and Kit's situation. When she found out she was pregnant with Bloody Face's child, she put herself through the torture of ending the pregnancy with a hanger. While she bled and thought she was successful, the evil within Sister Mary Eunice still heard a baby's heart beat. Is Lana still pregnant?

With the Thredson's confession recorded, Lana was determined to kill him. She wasn't able to get a knife, but fashioned the hanger into an effective weapon only to find her prisoner missing. Where did Thredson go? Did Sister Mary Eunice help him escape? I'm glad that Lana didn't turn into a killer, but fear for her now that Thredson is on the loose.

The evil Killer Santa Lee survived his attack by Sister Jude, which left him alive to cause further damage. Sister Jude's situation worsened when she was stripped of her religious position and became a Briarcliff patient. She was framed for killing Frank and attacking Lee by the Monsignor, Sister Mary Eunice and the crazy killer Santa himself. Sister Jude is now simply Judy Martin again.

Jude realized the wrongs that she committed while running Briarcliff and set out to make amends. First, she approached Lana with a promise to help her get out of Briarcliff and proved her point by destroying that obnoxious record that played over and over again in the main recreation room. Lana's response was priceless, "Well, hot damn."

Jude wasn't the only one to start seeing what was really happening in the world and at Briarcliff, so was Dr. Arden. After watching Grace be taken by the aliens, he decided to investigate further with Kit's help. Arden believed that Kit was the key to figuring out what the aliens want, since they took both of the women that Kit had sex with. Arden didn't have to force Kit into "almost" being killed, as Kit would do anything he could to see his wife, Alma again.

Arden's plan worked to bring the aliens back, but will he be able to save Kit? When Kit was near death or dead, the aliens returned and left a full-term pregnant Grace with Pepper. Wow! From dead to about to give birth to a baby. And, Grace looked better than she ever with a gorgeous glow about her. While Arden stood there shocked at Grace's return, Kit's life was at risk. Will Arden save him in time?

The Monsignor covered up Frank's murder, but his gullibility may cost him his life. Didn't he learn anything from the glass star incident? The Monsignor bought into Lee's professed saving and freed him for a baptism. His reward was being nearly drown, crucified, and having his calls for help answered by the Dark Angel. Will the Monsignor die? I wouldn't shed a tear for him if he does. He's corrupt and evil in disguise.

The performances on American Horror Story are so well done across the board, but Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson stood out tonight. Sister Jude's reaction to her restraints, Lana's hanger moments and interactions with Thredson, to their conversation with each other were highlights of the hour.

With only a few episodes left in the Asylum installment, the stories are starting to come together with the sides being better defined. Will the good and right win out over the evil and wrong?I'm not convinced that Johnny is Lana and Thredson's son. Could he be one of the alien babies? My reluctance to believe could be due to my optimism seeping out. I'd love to see Lana have a happy ending with a beautiful baby to take home and love. 

What would you like to see happen in the end? Which characters are you hoping make it out of Briarcliff successfully? Will Kit survive? And, will Grace's baby be human?


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I'm not sure Lana would see it as an Happy End if she could take Thredsons "beautiful baby" home. I doubt it as well that Jonny is Thredson's son. If he was born in 1964 he would be 48 by now (if the present day is really OUR present day)... could be but he rather looks a tad younger.


How on earth will all these loose ends be tied up? Where do the aliens fit into this? If Grace is alive, how is she pregnant and full term? She died with a botched hysterectomy. Why do people on this show start believing the most ludicrous of things? Could anyone honestly believe Killer Santa guy was truly rehabilitated? Did the Monsignor's ego get over inflated by Sister Mary Eunice telling him that he belongs at the Vatican? If she wants to ride his coat tails there, what are the devil/demon's plans after that? Was great to see Dylan McDermott come back, again though, if he believes he is the son of Bloodyface, then Thredson must have been caught? Too many questions, not enough answers!


I'm a HUGE AHS fan, but this episode almost turned me off. I'm all for the horror but I like to see some happiness. Once Arden walked in on Kit hiding the tape and Sister Jude was left as a patient, I was thinking "there is no hope for anyone." I'm happy last episode ended the way it did, but now we have to wait almost 3 weeks?! I love how Pepper was caring for Grace, I loved her. I'm happy Sister Jude is joining forces, it would be awesome if the patients went against the staff. I really hope Kit and Lana make it out but what ever happened to those zombie creatures. Also is it confirmed the Monsignor didn't die? I'm glad there was some light in the end of this episode, because the red wine wasn't calming my anxiety caused by this episode.


Well, this episode was all kinds of cray cray. Either way, I loved Dylan McDermott's role! Once again, Lana is still suffering even more and more. Though I know Kit won't die, it's still messed up what he's involved in now. As for Sister Jude, I can't even go there. Arden and Sister Mary really got her there. With only 4 episodes to go, I still have no idea on how this season will end!


I knew nothing good was going to come of that preview picture of Arden and Kit. Someone was supposed to die in this episode and I thought to the end that the Monsignor was a goner when the angel of death visited but he appeared in the previews which would mean it is Kit. Lana really should not have let him out of her sight.

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