Happy Endings Review: You're The Roziest

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Max and Penny are the kind of best friends who are at their best when they are co-dependent. So, with the "P & P Romance Factory" going strong, Max struggled without his best friend at his side.

In "To Serb With Love," we watch Max cope with the loss of his sidekick by trying to replace her.

Making Dad Laugh

Nobody can compare to Penny, least of all a girl named Nickel who pronounces it Nicole. Well, it was really probably the other way around, but whatever. Too bad for Pete's brother that Nickel ended up being nutso, despite Max's disbelief.

She's like Crazy Stupid Love crazy. Not people who loved Crazy Stupid Love crazy. I mean she's not a psycho. | permalink

I guess that puts me in the nuts category because I love that movie! It gets better every time you watch it. As far as having a girl stalk you out in your apartment, that's just what you get when you try to replace Penny. Besides, she and Pete are really cute together and I want her to be happy! But that means no more "fault lists" even if Max's fault list from 2001 was the highlight of the episode. 

Everything sounds completely on par, from his unhealthy meatball consumption to him whispering his dislike of hetero sex during a romp with Penny. Personally, I thought that Penny and Max's storyline was the better part of this week's outing.

I was lost on a lot of the jokes at the Kerkovich Mattress Anniversary party. Maybe I don't have a lot of knowledge of Serbian stereotypes and the jokes that people make regarding that culture, but I'd imagine that I'm not the only one out there? Jane's joke for her dad was supposed to be totally indecipherable, but it was repeated so much that it was beating a dead horse. Jane and Brad are usually my favorite, but tonight I just wasn't feeling it.

Alex and her mom were pretty cute together. The scene when Alex's parents confront Dave about having the balls to show up at the party after being left at the altar was pretty funny. It was like mad libs between all the adjectives they were throwing out there: humiliated, emasculated, embarrassed, castrated, you name it they said it!

So what did you think of this week's episode? What was your favorite part? What did you think of Mr. and Mrs. Kerkovich?

To Serb With Love Review

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She's like Crazy Stupid Love crazy, not like people who loved Crazy Stupid Love crazy, I mean she's not a psycho.