Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Report Card: A

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With over a week to process the twists and turns from an exhilarating Sons of Anarchy Season 5 finale - Tara is in jail?!? Clay is in jail?!? Tigs owns a dog?!? - it's time to breakdown another violent, crazy, Kurt Sutter-inspired ride.

Report Card style!

Read on for my evaluation of 13 intense episodes and then weigh in with your own grade of this year's SOA...

SAMCRO vs. Grim

Best Character: Jax Teller. Is there really any other option? Season 5 was geared around Jax's presidency and the question of which path he'd choose. Any hope that he'd make his father's dreams come true were destroyed along with the back of Opie's head early on, however, and Charlie Hunnam excelled in depicting the angry melancholy that engulfed Jax for the rest of the run.

Worst Character: Juice. This may be the only show I watch about which I can say I truly like every single character. And I especially adore Theo Rossi in this role. But forced to choose a member of SAMCRO, Juice gets my vote because he can sometimes come across as too naive, first last season in believing that the club would care about his father's race; and then here with how willingly he followed around Clay.

Coolest Character: Nero Padilla.

Most Surprising Justified Cast Member to Guest Star in Drag: Walton Goggins.

Best Episode: "Laying Pipe." Jarring. Shocking. Brutal. Devastating. Opie may be gone, but his death episode and scene will live on forever.

Worst Episode: "Stolen Huffy." The action had to slow down after Opie's death, but this installment centered far too much on guest star Ashley Tisdale and gave us that contrived Carla beatdown by Tara and Gemma.

Most Gruesome Scene: Otto slicing off his own tongue. Yes, there actually was competition for this, considering dogs fought and dude's face was filled with nails on the season finale.

Hopes for Sons of Anarchy Season 6: We delve more into Lee Toric to ensure that character wasn't just thrown in as a plot device (NOTE: Donal Logue is signed for multiple episodes); Juice finally catches a break; Clay dies... it's about time, isn't it?

Overall Grade: A

Your turn, TV Fanatics: What grade would you give Sons of Anarchy Season 5?

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Just re-watched the season and wanted my own report card:
*Best Character: Jax Teller. I can't believe how much he's changed from the guy he was in the first two seasons. Charlie Hunnam is painfully overlooked and that a shame because his portrail of this character and the profound changes he had gone through are to me, one of the best in television history.
*Worst Character: Cley. I've disliked him since the end of the first season, and by now I simply don't enjoy what he has to offer to the show.
*Best Episode: Laying Pipe. Best f the season by far, perhaps even the whole show. Opie will be forever missed.
*Worst Episode: Stolen Huffy. Not so much bad as simply felt really out of place and pointless.
*Gruesome Scene: Tara and Jax catch a break, Bobbie stepping up, some laughs, Clay finally dying.
*Honorary Mention: Nero is in fact the only cool character on this show.


I just read comments made about Juice being naive. The first thing You don't understand is a young man, second the club doesn't need twenty smart men they need one, to follow and they have Jax. Genius' don't join motorcycle gangs (unless they run it), three racism is deep; don't undermine long lines of hate between all kinds of color. Many will not deal with color issue at all. Yes like the real world but it's the biker world. I think the Juice character genuinely loved Clay for His fuck ups and felt the bro hood thing for a Dad He never had. This story runs so close to truth it's hard not to believe it's not based on a real story. I don't agree with Your bashing of Juice. Jax brought it all back for Me when He gave Tig the gun that killed Pope & it belonged to Clay Morrow priceless/ never mind the deal for Opie's kids & Lila getting a home... & the work diverted to Morrow Tellar shop smoothly executed that's why we love Jax...


@goodkarmarider-this show has NOTHING to do with those shootings or else hundreds of thousands of fans would be affected similarly and go on a killing spree! Man, get over yourself!


I love this show, It brings back memories some good and yes some bad. Gemma is all me back in the day 100 percent it makes me miss the days when I ran with my old man and his club we where great .....the best .some one posted that we should be ashamed of our selves for watching sons,because of the sandy hook killings ..... come on now there where issues with that boy and his mother and her having a disturbed child around assault guns! Her fault not Sons of Anarchy!


I agree with the assessment, especially about Juice: I was heartbroken for him when he hung himself but the Clay thing is too much. While we are on this point, I am looking at you too, Bobby! How could Jax, or any Sons for that matter, let Clay live?! He killed TWO Original 9 (three, if you count the traitor) and an old lady, put a hit on his VP and stepson's old lady (Tara), killed the Chet's pregnant wife (an innocence of all innocences), beat his own old lady to a pulp, got the club into guns and drugs ... shall I go on?! How could Bobby quit on Jax for wanting him killed?! I want to kill him myself! (Relax, extremists, I'm not going to buy a gun and shoot innocences, or buy a gun at all. Violence in entertainment is an effect of real life violence not the cause.) Bobby, you are not good enough for a VP! And stop throwing around those patches like Tig's used condoms, this sh** means SOMETHING! Ask Ope! I don't know how the writers, Katey and Sutter do it ... to make me hate and root for Gemma at the same time. That's why I'm not surprised that season 5 of SOA is one of the best seasons of any TV ever because of the well built and established characters and the fearlessness of the writers keeping it real. (Make no mistake, SOA writers, you are still bastards for killing Ope!)


It's All Good! Bro! :-)


I'm with Jeff, I watch the show, yes it's violent and gruesome and sometimes I turn away from the screen,
Also not the TV's fault if you can go out and buy a RIFFLE !!
So go back to wherever the heck you came from and stay there & let us enjoy the show!


Goodkarmarider; You must be a politician since you so eloquently jumped on a tragedy to spew your agenda. Oh, and if this show is so repulsive, how is it you are on a page discussing the said violence porn you are very so much against. Furthermore, maybe YOU let YOUR children watch this show, but most rational humans don't. Douchebag. .


This show has the blood of the children that were killed at CT Sandy Hook Elementry on it's hands and face!!!!! How can you call this violence porn entertainment. The people watching should be ashamed and the people putting it on are as guilty as could be of filling are youth with the most awful violent images on T.V.. How do the people at FX and Sutter sleep they are the monsters that are tuning our youth into monsters!!!!


Stolen Huffy was about the lost innocence from when they were kids.
In the end, they will all fall, some dead, most in prison.

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