Vegas Review: A Dangerous Dance

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On Vegas this week, "Estinto" saw the start of a dangerous romance - and the end of a deadly affair.

Dixon Works Undercover

Mia Rizzo has become one of my favorite characters on Vegas. She's smart and tough but never loses her feminine side. She's earned Savino's respect in the casino counting room but she never seems to be able to garner much of if from her father. 

Even though Rizzo has gained the power position in town, I'd bet Mia inherited her intelligence from her mother. Still, that doesn't mean it didn't hurt when Daddy completely blew off the special dinner she'd had planned when he returned to town.

For once, Jack's timing was perfect and the two were adorable dancing and laughing at a local honky tonk. These two obviously click but Mia's right. This is a dangerous game they're playing. If Rizzo found out, he'd probably kill Jack.

But Jack's a man falling in love, and he doesn't give a damn. And as much as Mia's attracted to the chemistry between them, there's also the pull of having a man finally put what she wants first.

Theirs wasn't the only dangerous romance in town. Rizzo and Diane Desmond got engaged yet the tramp was still trying to feel up Vince. That alone meant that her life expectancy wasn't particularly high. 

I expected that Diane was capable of a lot of things, but being an FBI informant wasn't one of them. I was happy that Savino gave her the option to just disappear. Unfortunately, she just couldn't do it quick enough.

But what really happened to Diane? Was she so heartbroken that she overdosed? Did Rizzo kill her because he was ashamed to have a junkie for a fiance or did he hear the same news that Savino did and killed her for being a rat? Will we ever know the truth?

It was great to watch Dixon flourish as a deputy. He may just be cut out for this line of work and he's earned the opportunity to prove it.  His interactions with Ms. Sanchez were cute and flirty but she's another smart girl. Can Dixon keep up?

The confrontation between Ralph and Jack was a highlight of the episode. Their argument over the identity of the murderer quickly morphed into something more. 

Whether Ralph realizes it or not, Jack has played second fiddle to his big brother for most of a lifetime. And when Ralph brings up his time overseas at war, Jack pointed out in this Vegas quote

 While you were over there I was here, keeping your business afloat, raising your son, and burying your wife. | permalink

Ralph was the war hero who lost his wife but Jack's been the one left to deal with the mundane and sometimes difficult details of his brother's life. It's about time he had a life of his own.

With Ralph spending Christmas alone at the station, Jack and Mia hitting the sheets, and Savino mourning his old flame, will anyone find real happiness in Vegas when Vegas Season 1 resumes in 2013?

Estinto Review

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