Happy Endings Review: Revenge Hits Chicago

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A hot blonde who likes to serve up revenge? Sorry Emily Thorne, wrong ABC show.

Nope, "The Marry Prankster" wasn't a new episode of Revenge, where people have their lives ruined by a girl out for justice for her father.

It was an ah-mahzing episode of Happy Endings when a group of friends were terrorized by an evil genius named Max Blum. Except, wait... it turns out Max wasn't the real mastermind after all!

Brad's New Job

Alex Kerkovich, you little whiz kid. You're not the dumb blonde everyone thought you were! To think she's orchestrated that entire prank war with the flyer "subs for guns" is frighteningly hilarious. The scary part, really, just being the gun stuff. Dave probably wet himself in his sandwich truck, but wouldn't you? 

So why would Max go after everyone when it was really just Dave (or really Alex) who pranked him? 

Pen, I live by mafia rules; you, your family, anybody in the room. Y'all gotta pay. That's how I roll. | permalink

To me this was one of the best Happy Endings episodes of all-time. Max is seriously the master of pranks and I love practical jokes. He knew how to go after each and every one of them. Well, Jane's was a little eh, he could've done wayyyy better for Jane. Especially because Jane is usually kind of an evil genius herself. However, having to swim in a kid's ball pit with her hubby before he used the diaper fork was probably karma enough.

Loved the scene with her and Brad when he was covered in stripper glitter. Every scene these two have as a couple shines. And, no, that's not a pun for how shiny brad looked with all that stripper glitter rubbed up on him. At first I fully thought that he pulled off the fake proposal, which would have been too mean! But that scene, when he and Penny realized that it wasn't him and Penny was actually getting engaged, was golden. I just want a gif of Max screaming "you go girl!"

Dave's reaction to the limo far surpassed what I could've ever hoped for. By the way, did anyone notice when Dave was hiding behind the bushes that his frosted tips are looking a little more like gray tips? Just an observation.

There's not much more to say than I love love loved this episode. How about you? Who had the best prank? Did you see Alex as the mastermind? Hit the comments! Also, a very big Mazel Tov to Penny and Pete!

The Marry Prankster Review

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