Lost Girl Review: Life Is Too Short

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Nice fake out, Lost Girl!

On the Lost Girl season 2 finale, Bo's dark side emerged, though she was able to control it. But that darkness is just waiting to come out, so the "Caged Fae" opening fooled me.

I bought Bo's turn to the criminal side, well, at least at first. Once she got to the Dal, everyone seemed to be overplaying their role to a point that it looked like a set up. Phew, what a relief to know it was an act.

Bo Does a Favor

Bo would do anything to help those she cares about, so it was no surprise that she would go to prison to help Lauren ... even a skunky-smelling, Lauren. Instead of helping Lauren in the medical center, Bo was assigned to be a sex object for the warden. Poor Bo was stuck cleaning a floor with a toothbrush in a skimpy outfit. Though, that provided her with access that she wouldn't have otherwise had to the warden's office.

The situation at the prison was odd. It was clear that something was wrong, but the what was entirely unexpected. The Lost Girl writers definitely pulled out a surprise ending. That warden was having prisoners impregnated so she could sell the babies was crazy enough, but that the warden was a guy and using his magical sperm ... unexpected is an understatement. After two seasons in the Fae world, nothing should be surprising any more, but this was.

Lauren's doctor friend was killed because she figured out what was going on. In the aftermath, the new Ash, Hale, closed down the prison. Or, as Trick reminded him, "Acting Ash." Hale could be a spectacular Ash, better for the Fae than his predecessors, but will the job corrupt him? Power and conflict with the Dark Fae could destroy the fun, loving Hale that we know and love. I'd hate to see that happen.

Another change: Vex is hanging out at the Dal and helping the gang with their cases. He is a favorite character of mine and didn't disappoint. From his holding Kenzi back, to showing up at the police station to talk to Dyson - oh, plus the sexy cop outfit - he is a riot to watch. However, his association with the Dark is sure to be an issue for a continued partnership.

If I had a complaint about the hour, it was that Bo was separated from her cohorts. I missed the interaction between the whole gang and especially between Bo and Kenzi. Usually they have some female bonding time and that was sorely missed.  At least there was some quality Dyson and Kenzi bonding time. I hope now that Bo is back, Kenzi will confide in her about the Norn rash. Of course, that would probably lead to revealing Dyson's secret, but Kenzi shouldn't have to deal with it on her own.

Otherwise, Dyson is either going to tell Bo he has his love for her back or she's going to figure it out. I suspect it will be the later because Dyson seems very hesitant to tell her the truth. Is he afraid of rejection? Or does he truly not want to interfere in whatever is going on with her and Lauren? It's difficult to tell, but it's probably a bit of both. 

It couldn't have been easy for him to walk in on Bo and Lauren's passionate kiss, but he recognized a happy Bo. And if you love someone you want them to be happy, right? But it would be interesting to see who Bo would pick if she knew all the information.

She doesn't, though, and we had a few extremely loving moments between Bo and Lauren. I'm glad that Bo is giving a relationship with Lauren a chance, even if their path certainly will be filled with plenty of twists and turns. The first being that Bo still has the darkness inside of her and will go outside the relationship to satisfy her hunger. Is that an arrangement that Lauren will accept? On an intellectual level, Lauren understands that Bo is a succubus, but when emotions get involved it becomes much more tricky to manage.

Bo: It's time.
Lauren: It's time?
Bo: Us.
Lauren: Really?
Bo: I want to give this a real shot. To be together. Life is too short. | permalink

Kenzi: At least, Bo looks chipper.
Dyson: She looks happy. | permalink

What was your favorite moment? Do you believe that Bo and Lauren can have a successful relationship? Will the dark inside of Bo continue to grow or will she be able to control it? Should Dyson reveal the truth?

Caged Fae Review

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Bo: A giant rock this early in our relationship? You saying you want a commitment?
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I'm Bo, bitches, and I'll be back.