Two and a Half Men Review: New Beginnings

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It may be a new year on Two and a Half Men, but things have not changed at all with our friends in Malibu. Walden remains adamant in keeping his true identity under wraps from Kate, but the lies are starting to catch up to him, which was only a matter of time.

As the night kicked off, Walden was already losing hair and binge-eating. Indeed, by the end of a half hour, he had put on a chuck of pounds, as the double life he's leading is most certainly taking a toll.

Alan Invests

It felt like that old elementary school piece of wisdom: when you tell a lie, you tell another lie to cover it up, then another and another... and it just turns into this big complicated web before it all comes crashing down.

The episode just contained a lot more problems for Walden: he felt bad about lying to Kate, who he loves; he could help get her break in the fashion world, but was unable to do so.

All this and many more developments pushed our favorite billionaire closer to the edge. He might have gotten Alan to do some faux investing in Kate’s fashion line, but that just made him feel the guiltier.

I still find it unreasonable why Walden doesn't simply tell Kate the truth. Although Alan is typically not one from whom you should take any sort of advice, in this case he was correct: Walden should believe in the power of their love. Yes, even the kind of love one has for "Sam Wilson” and how it can be transferred to Walden Schmidt.

Overall, in “Welcome to Alancrest," the big loser here was Walden. He was just punishing himself unnecessarily. He's now become as pathetic as Alan. Will this storyline actually have a happy ending? Tune in next week.

Welcome to Alancrest Review

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Two and a Half Men Season 10 Episode 12 Quotes

Walden: You will be surprised what happens to a guy when money is tight.
Alan: Please, I have been so desperate, I have climbed into fountains at night and stolen the wishes of little children.
Walden: So you get it.

You are supposed to act like a rich guy, not a gay Bruce Wayne.